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Spirals, colours, straight edges, wood lines and glass—there’s so much you can do with a staircase! Rather than just the necessary means to get from up to down or down to up, designer staircases can put on a real show of their own if you’re looking for a little extra aesthetic spark to add to your domestic spaces. A unique, well-designed and well-placed staircase adds so much to the continuity of your home and can make such a difference—and an impression! There’s never been so many wonderful options and variety of methods for linking floors—take a look at these amazing staircase successes and glean a few hot tips on how to not only link the various floors of your home, but make them an absolute spectacle as well.

The cosmopolitan unwind

A unique home demands a unique connection point to unite its levels; this example is case in point. What an amazing space, and what an incredibly unique staircase design—not quite a spiral, not quite a conventional angular design, this staircase really makes a statement. Dramatically winding in smooth, sweeping lines, blending with the upstairs and mezzanine barriers and side window sills, this staircase brings this amazing warehouse space together with style and class, while enhancing its sense of calm and flow.

Glass shield glamour

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a staircase design for your home. Firstly, a good staircase ought to be practical—something that can be effortlessly used, without hassle or any space constraint; secondly, it ought to deliver aesthetically and enrich the space, as well as enhancing the continuity of the floors in question and the overall flow of your home; thirdly, one that looks fantastic! In this fine example, every base is covered to a tee—the solid white angular staircase design simultaneously fuses the two floors and blends into the overall light toned décor with no effort at all, while the glass barriers not only reinforce for a safe climb, but they add great aesthetics to an already gorgeous space. Full marks!

Iron ardour

Classic, simple, elegant, with a light industrial edge. This  example shows another neat way of setting out your steps from A to B—clean wood for the steps, affixed to a cast iron alloy rail gives this space an effortlessly spectacular and minimal approach, working neatly against the light toned walls and sultry, dimmed halogen lighting embedded within it.

Picasso’s piano keys

Looking to splash out and make a real song and dance with your staircase? Want to make a statement and deliver a unique addition to your home? Look no further than this amazing staircase—a set of spiralling, oversize, black and white piano keys as designed by Dali or Picasso perhaps! What a treat to the eye and what a joy to experience! This is a chic, smooth and fundamentally clever approach to a spiral staircase.

San Franciscan spiral

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You eye is instantly drawn to that colour and the sweet style of that fashionable staircase isn’t it? It’s just like a rear fire escape from a turn of the century tenement block, only freshly coated in immaculate San Franciscan Bay Bridge red ochre. Tight and winding, this is a fine spiral staircase to connect a downstairs basement, library or rumpus room. Against the more demure choice of décor colours here, it really stands out and makes a stunning central piece.

Chic, stylish stairwell

It’s back to basics with this nifty example—maximum functionality and great ease on the eye. This beautiful and simple design almost turns the humble staircase into a room of it’s own here, running down the centre of the house, enclosed within a reinforced run of transparent glass barriers—a great way to keep the house open, breezy, relaxed and light.

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