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Malibu Home, Lewis & Co Lewis & Co Modern media room
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Film buffs unite! With the affordability of modern audio-visual technology these days, the idea of having your very own in-home movie theatre set up is no longer merely the realm of Hollywood directors and the rich and famous. Today, more and more people are bringing the glamour of the silver screen right into the comfort of their own domestic spaces with fully decked out in-house cinemas and media rooms. What could be more inviting than a good sized screen, a lavish surround sound stereo setup, and all your favourite films at the ready—an ideal refuge from the rigours of the day to day, without having to travel anywhere or fork out for expensive movie tickets. Have a look at these awesome home cinema examples for how you can deck out your living spaces in true theatrical style.

Humble, modern and spacious

Malibu (Los Angeles) Lewis & Co Modern media room
Lewis & Co

Malibu (Los Angeles)

Lewis & Co

Of course, it could be argued that most well appointed lounge rooms these days aren’t actually too far away from a pretty close replica to the cinema experience. Here’s a perfect example—this crafty lounge combines its feature wall-mounted flat screen television with ample viewing space: a full L-shaped six-seater couch setup with additional recliners to create the sense of an ‘entertainment station’, a cosy space that invites you to kick back and relax.

The planetarium style

This is one neat setup, a few steps closer towards a bonafide domestic cinematic experience. A lavish, white eight to ten seater couch with vibrant use of cushions plays off the animated choice of carpeting to provide ultimate cosiness. Full marks for the widescreen theatre-style viewing screen—this is a real showpiece that will have your friends and family awed! But when those tasteful halogen lights are dimmed and the credits roll, it’ll be the feature starry light ceiling that truly dazzles—it’s like a planetarium-theatre combo! Or perhaps an indoor moonlight cinema with all the romance of a starry night, and all the cosiness of a warm, heated theatre.

Multiscreen nouveau

Home Theather CASACOR, Arte do Rizo Arte do Rizo Asian style media room
Arte do Rizo

Home Theather CASACOR

Arte do Rizo

Who says the feature film has to be the main feature after all? While these two duelling widescreens embedded in the wall will do justice to any action thriller (or multiple movies at once!), it’s the lavishly eccentric surrounds that really make the mark in this neat cinema setup. An aesthetically edgy ceiling cut out, lively wall art combined with a bright burst of multi-styled seating will have the kids and adults equally impressed. Add to that a combination of thoughtful lighting—a line of well-placed ceiling halogen, and spirited cosmopolitan feature down lights—and you’ve got yourself an in-house theatre that caters to every need.

The Gold Class Directors’ Suite

A cut above the rest! This in-house theatre is such a close replica to the real deal, you’ll be blinking twice the whole time you’re tucked away inside it. No trimmings have been spared in this gold class director’s lounge—multi-tiered rows of immaculate cinema-style recliners (replete with drink holders), insulated walls with naked blue dimmable moon lighting, and a brilliant full-scale cinema screen to rivals the local neighbourhood cinema. You’ll be waving the neighbourhood away with this amazing setup. Go for it!

Elegant and balanced charm

As neat as the night time, hermetically sealed cinema set up is, it won’t work for those more multi-purpose spaces that call for a little balanced daytime sophistication just as much as a feature, purpose-built indoor cinema. Here’s a fine example of how to enhance a basic lounge room and maintain understated elegance while optimising it for the full feature event come evening time. Perfect for entertaining with or without the flat screen (though an impressive flat screen it is!).

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