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A Tour to a Unique and Stunning Farmhouse from Wada

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Welcome to Wada, an ideal film shooting location in Mumbai with lots of green acres and picturesque hills. And it is here that we invite you to join us on a tour of the brick house, an earthy yet unusually futuristic farmhouse that spans over 2500 square feet. Rendered with a wide variety of materials like bricks, stones, wood, metal and concrete, this breathtaking piece of architecture is replete with quirky curves, angles, dips and peaks. The exterior is as eye-catching as the interior, and the massive residence seems to connect with nature in an incredible way. Different functional spaces appear to flow into each other to form a fluidic design that features exclusive ventilation provisions, green touches and pops of colour that will take you by surprise. Massive arches, traditional and ethnic “jail” or latticework, remarkable pillars, and furniture that seem to rise, fall and bend like waves, make this farmhouse a construction and design marvel. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous rustic house by the architects at Istudio Architecture.

Reach for the sky

As the magnificent turquoise floor of the kitchen makes a stunning statement amidst all the rusticity, a curvy stone staircase leads to the outdoors and meets the unusual aperture for the courtyard. An indoor pond lined with stones hold a lush green tree in the courtyard space, which receives oodles of sunlight and fresh air for unhindered growth. From this vantage point, you can also appreciate the fluidic layout of the living area with its sleek and meandering seat and uniquely shaped window with a metal grille.

Fascinating facade

Bricks and stones line the remarkable facade of this imposing farmhouse, and combine with artistically wrought wood and metal in places for an exquisite visual impact. The house seems like a creative and innovative gem from the future, but at the same time, impresses us with its elegant earthiness. The placement of the bricks and stones was executed according to the rat-trap bond technique developed by Laurie Baker in the 70s. So, the bricks and stone were arranged vertically in some spots instead of horizontally, giving rise to small cavities which were filled with mortar and cement for natural sound and heat insulation. This method helped the architects to save on building materials, and the resultant facade appearance became visually intriguing too.

Natural materials come home

Exposed brickwork, stone walls, wooden pillars and ceiling infuse the interiors with a rustic charm that is cosy and trendy. The customised floor with its wave-like patterns and uneven but gleaming finish is a designer delight, while the vibrant turquoise floor of the kitchen beyond the courtyard beckons you to explore more. Curvy accents dot the ground storey, while a couple of reddish concrete steps lead to the latticed half wall that ensconces the kitchen with warmth and homeliness.

Unique ventilation measure

Here you can admire the extremely functional beauty of the famous Indian “jail” work evident in the perforated brick wall. These artful perforations along with the cleverly spaced wooden slats allow ample ventilation and passive cooling for the home. The wall also creates an enticing play of light and shade which adds magic to the stone walls and patterned floor.

A gorgeous bedroom

With curving brick walls and a unique perforated ceiling, the large and soothing bedroom brims with earthy appeal and rustic simplicity. The quirky bed is shaped like a teardrop with fluidic extensions that act as side tables. The smooth wooden flooring complements the slatted windows and meandering shelf on the right. And the patterned bedding in rustic hues augments the charm of the design scheme here.

Arched view

The exclusive aspect of the bedroom is that it leads to the outdoors through the arch that allows fresh air and sunlight to flood the space effortlessly. Slightly curvy and floating shelves on the left wall let you organise books, artefacts and more, while a wave-like wall-mounted wooden slab acts as the work desk near the window. Who wouldn’t want to sleep, unwind, read and relax in such a bedroom?

The terrace after sunset

Curves and quirky angles dominate the airy terrace too, like the rest of this farmhouse. Brick walls, patterned flooring, and a wood and straw ceiling along with mellow lighting make this space come alive with raw earthiness and outdoorsy charm. The wave-like walls protect the terrace against unfavourable weather conditions, while the oddly constructed pillar stuns onlookers besides providing stability.

The architects have accomplished a mind-blowing project with this one-of-a-kind rustic yet ultramodern villa in Mumbai. And we are sure that you are extremely inspired too. Here’s another home tour that might pique your interest - Unique Designer Touches for an Urban Home.

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