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Mirror mirror on the wall…

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Eaton Square: Belgravia Modern style bedroom by Roselind Wilson Design Modern
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‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ Or should it be ‘which of you brings the best interior design of all?’ It’s a tough question to answer—there are so many mirrors out there with so many interior design possibilities! What we do know is that, well beyond the bathroom into bedrooms to kitchens, mirrors can be such fabulous additions to any domestic space—they generate verve, give ample light, and create flow and a sense of spaciousness. Who wouldn’t love a mirror? Depending on the style and nature of your existing décor or room, it might be wise to consider exactly what sort of mirror would work the best—big or small? Great or tall? Slender or wide? Feature or whole panels? So much to consider; so much to play with! 

Get some starting tips from the following great examples and weave a little mirror magical throughout your home too.

Rorschach abstraction

For the psychoanalyst in your life, this Rorschach shaped mirror will lend itself to hours of intriguing conversation. Not simply a mirror, but a work of art; a room can be transformed from dull and bland with the addition of an engaging and abstract mirror. These days we are spoilt for choice by a myriad of refreshing mirror designs on the market, pick something bold, something alluring inject some art into your domestic spaces.

Classical deco

What bedroom would be complete without a full-length mirror? An absolute essential for most homes, the full-length mirror lends itself to many different and useful functions. From making a room appear larger, reflecting light and making a space brighter, a large full-length mirror such as this example can easily inject a room with class and elegance.

Dressing table delight

For the ultimate in elegance, this 3-piece dressing table mirror adds glamour, style and function to any bedroom or dressing room space. Just add French perfume, delicate bouquet of flowers, some soft lighting, and you have yourself a space fit for a princess and ready for any event preparation.

Through the looking glass

This delightful porthole shaped mirror breathes life into a dull and dreary space, it contrast perfectly with the warm neutral tones of the chair, carpet and walls, and provides a striking coordinated piece for any living, working, or bedroom space. This type of mirror is incredibly versatile and lends itself to many different uses; it would be perfect in an entry hall or foyer, and just as suitable above a small writing space.

Mid century elegance

When you want something retro and stylish, look no further than a mid century styled sleek brass trimmed mirror. Perfect for almost any room of your house, but particularly effective in a living space, this medium sized mirror opens up the room and provides curiosity and stimulation. Pair this style of mirror with neutral patterned wallpaper, retro wall light, vintage inspired armchair and you have yourself a slice of modernity and charm.

Fairy tale fantasy

This extravagant mirror is the fairest of them all! Straight out of a fairy tale, this flamboyant and decorative mirror acts as a piece of art and a showpiece for this living space. Integrated with coordinating darker toned accessories such as candlesticks and iron side table, this mirror acts as a practical and gorgeous contrast to the soft furnishings. Moreover, pattered neutral hued wallpaper brings the space alive completes this design, adding rose curtains, white shag rug, and tufted armchair allows the mirror to harmonise the room with ease.

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