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20 Rooms to Satisfy your Inner Nerd

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Nerds are the new It thing of the town and this has been true for some time from now. While most of the people prefer to hide their geeky side under the cover of pride and plain view, it's high time to wear out your nerd badges and drape your home in the same theme.The nerd revolution has started and already happened and your home decor must not avoid it. Let your nerdy side show and beam with pride with these 20 awesome rooms that can show any kind of guest what it is you truly love. Let's satisfy your inner nerd with some changes and settings. 

1.Marvel Wall

Again a new design for the Marvel and comic lovers. If you believe that the idea of owning such a large bookshelf is not possible at your home, bring some posters and paste them on the front wall of your room and make a collage!

2.Start with simple

Considered to be geeky and social skills lacking creatures, nerds often love to limit their world to their likes and this bed, half embedded into wall provides the same feel of privacy, comfort and relaxation to you.

3.Small House having everything nearby

Big homes are a dream of fancy frenzy; nerds and geeks on other hand prefer to live in a small, compact space where they can get all the luxuries walking a few steps only. Like here, kitchen on the front, dining table aligned to the wall, next is the TV table and the frontal area to TV forms the living room!

4.Workplace + Rest

A dream come true for every geek, this designer room is a blend of all elements of a Nerdy world. A couch to relax on when tired and when fresh, move to the computers and star your games. Replace those iconic family photos with your beloved comic pictures. 

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5.Wooden World

Again a compact yet fulfilling space that has everything within but with a difference! Low maintenance- yes most of the nerds love to live life king size and not moving things from where they were placed last time. Have a party with your nerd fellows in this wooden heaven. 

6.Comic Heaven

If you are one of those whose world revolves around Iron Man, Super Man, Captain America or Dead Pool then this design inspiration will definitely be the primary choice for you. Bring home a big wooden or plastic book shelf and display the entire collection of comics you own.


If you are more into books and science then have a look at this room. Housing a mid-sized bookshelf to store your regularly read books, a single bed for sleeping and wooden table to put in your desired show pieces. A complete package- isn't it?

8.For the love of books!

Not all the nerds and geeks love comics. Some own a scientific mind and for those people, this shallow and flat bookshelf wall with wide doors replicating an old time room idea,  is an apt design. No additional expenditure, beautiful furniture!

9.Easier Design

This wall is another inspiration design for the nerds who would not like to do much to their room but still love to add a pinch of their personality to space. Buy alphabet wall decals and paste them on a plane wall; as simple as it is.

10.Mathematical Kitchen

Grand sized Kitchens are a big NO for nerds and this compact, dark shaded kitchen area might help them pick the right design. The wall, that looks more like a graph, or a mathematical notebook, is the best part of this section.

11.Bedside Love

A luxury bed and a beautifully decorated room are not only meant for the sophisticated social groups. Nerds too can do a lot with them and blend them with bedside racks that holds their CD collection, book racks with their favorite reads and a table to hold their bags and clothes. 

12.Hanging Wall

Who wants cabinets and changing room when you can transform your wall turn into your wardrobe with nothing but simply installing a few hangers safely. Being a man comes with the perks of having same sized T shirts and shirts that won't look bad when hung in open.

13.Framed Wall

Having enough comics and books but getting no idea of how to showcase them to others without pulling them out of bed every time? Try this idea. Get them framed and display them on walls like a certificate of merit or accomplishment. After all, its nothing below than that!

14.Tidy the books

If you want to store and reorganize the cluttered room then opt for accessories and furniture that matches your style. Just like this book holder which is simple yet very much in sync with the nerdy style. The clock design on side makes it look fresh and chic.

15.Love for Beatles

Bands, Books, Comics and CDs are some of the greatest possessions of nerds and geeks and they all can be the elements of decoration for you, if you use little brain here. This sofa cover with the famous band Beatles band looks extraordinary. Right? 

16.Clutterly Organized

An old styled TV, books stacked on the floor held over by a show piece, a frame and old radio on the rug and a coffee table made out of pallets- add them to your sophisticated and designer room without compromising on its designer structure. The hanging cycle is a great idea too.

17.Hanging Science

Girls will definitely fall in love with this room at the very first sight. The hanging animal structures, the small pictures and photographs pasted directly on the walls, bookstore alongside the bed and ample of natural light- the bedroom is nothing less than a heavenly bliss.

18.Armchair of your Choice

Ditch the wooden made, pure black or rather designer style armchairs and bring home something like this. An armchair full of comfort and a design full of life, this one is a good pick for people from all ages and genders. 

19.Comic Touch

Don't settle for anything ordinary when you know that the market is full of materials and stuff that you had liked to die for. This chair and wall combination is a unique and simple to follow idea for any geek to introduce them to their room.

20.Scientific Tabletop

And the science lovers can cheer now! We have something for them too. The table top that has chemistry laboratory equipment used as show pieces. Find test tubes made pen holders, flask used as table lamp and tray to hold small rubbers, beads and buttons. Satisfying, isn't it?

What will be your pick from the list? Let us know

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