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A Gorgeous Villa in Punjab

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The state of Amritsar in Punjab is home to the famous Golden Temple where countless pilgrims flock every year to satiate their spiritual yearnings. This lively and soulful city is where we chanced upon this lavish and sprawling villa surrounded by an expansive landscaped garden brimming with natural charm. The home itself enjoys a structure with clean but stylish lines, though elegant ornate accents do make their presence felt. Primarily rendered in white with wooden and grey touches, the luxurious residence will enthral you with its stunning views both during day and night. The garden inside is a treat for the senses with its beautiful planning, leisure nooks, gorgeous blooms and manicured greenery. So let’s take a closer look now to know more about this property designed by the interior architects at Depanache Interior Architects.

The house by day

When the sun beats down on the graceful concoction of white concrete, wooden beams and lines, and grey stone accents, the house looks breathtaking. A neat and lush row of bushes with red blooms edge the backside of the property, while tall trees cast their gentle shades lovingly over the scene. A sleek slatted wooden gate takes you to the spacious garage, while the chic wooden touches here and there exude warmth and cosiness. Sheets of glass held by black metal frames dot the backside of the abode generously for a larger than life appeal. The boundary wall is quirky but elegant with its slim lines which produce a peek-a-boo effect.

The facade by night

The front side of the villa is again a creative medley of glass, concrete and hints of wood, with intricately carved panels for aesthetic pleasure. The boundary wall features four innovatively lighted panels that rise above the main wall for visual interest. A sleek flowerbed adds quaint charm to this side of the house too, and hints at the verdant natural treat waiting for you inside. The beautifully carved main gate exudes sophistication, class and the grace of affluent living.

A bright sunny landscape

Neatly laid out flowerbeds with bold red blooms greet us as we enter the premises. Sleek and careful nooks have been designed to grow lush flowering trees too, while the well-maintained green lawn ties everything together cohesively. The layered look of the backside of the house and its various subtle projections become clearer from this vantage point. Also note how sleek grey stone tiles lend a subtle rustic panache to the ground storey walls here.

The garden after sunset

A mix of trendy and minimalistic sconce lights and soothing ground lights are turned on in the garden after the sun goes down. And the resulting effect is spellbinding, with the greens, pinks and reds of the garden glowing mysteriously under the secretive night sky. The interior lights also shine through the ornate panels of the facade enticingly, attracting visitors to take a closer look.

A different view

From this side of the landscaped garden, you can catch a glimpse of a short tree with pink flowers growing inside a layered concrete structure on the right. Slim stone steps lead you towards it, while the floor lights along the boundary wall egg you to explore the grounds more. From here you can also admire the silent and graceful forms of the trees outside.

A stunning trellis

Sleek white wooden beams crisscross with ample gaps in between to form a luxurious trellis in the backyard. Gloriously blooming creepers have grown all over it and now lend an ethereal mysticism to the space, while the brilliantly textured boundary wall provide visual depth with the right lights. Sculptures, short and solid pillars holding ornamental flower pots, a stylish wooden deck, and a cosy swing under the shade on the right make the ambiance perfect for relaxation, rumination and leisurely bliss. From here, you can also see the smart garage demarcated by a glass wall.

Sleek and contemporary designs, ornate touches, use of different elegant textures and an enchanting landscaped garden have turned this villa into a natural urban oasis of sorts. If you still want more inspiration, take another tour - A Simple Apartment Full of Elegance.

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