10 Enchanting rooftop terrace ideas

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In India’s crowded metro cities it is getting increasingly difficult to enjoy view of gardens or trees from apartments built in close proximity to each other. While most people try to infuse greenery into their lives by planting shrubs and flowering plants in their balconies or windows, the lucky ones with terraces create summer and winter retreats with plants, sun umbrellas and barbecues. Depending on the space available a rooftop terrace can become an outdoor celebration point for friends and family or a garden to experiment with exotic flowers and herbs.

Whatever be your plans for decorating rooftop terrace it is advisable to get the opinion of an expert before setting up a garden or permanent furniture in the area to avoid damage to roof. We have compiled 10 enchanting ideas to convert your rooftop terrace into a region of envy and pride.

1. Tranquil and breathtaking

With a terrace that has such a breathtaking view as this owner does not require any other location to relax and enjoy fresh air. Eco-friendly bamboo roof provides shelter against sun and rain making the rooftop sit-out a perfect location to relax in the morning or evening with beverages and snacks. Sensible wicker sofas and table are ideal outdoor furniture providing both comfort and aesthetic beauty.

2. Landscaped terrace luxury

This beautiful terrace garden that has been landscaped and designed by Aum Architects,  is a vision in itself irrespective of the view of the entire city from the terrace. The best feature of this luxurious terrace is an artistic wooden gazebo with light folding furniture that can be put indoors during rough weather. As there are no prying neighbors to disturb privacy, parapet has been made of transparent glass to provide unrestricted view of city during day and night.

3. Modern sensibility

Plants and trees bring color and liveliness to an open terrace and also keep the region free of dangerous pollutants that are transmitted by air. While creepers and cactus plants are pretty and low maintenance plant varieties that can grow in pots and tubs. Since this is just a simple wide roof terrace with tiled floor and carefully selected trees and shrubs, the furniture too is lightweight and weatherproof.

4. Enchanting rock garden

To set up enchanting rooftop terrace as this you need to first check if the roof can bear weight of soil and constant watering to manage the lawn grass and garden. Surrounded by beautiful stone wall and walkways on all sides the minimalist terrace also has stone seats built along the edge that add to its glamour as a rock garden.

5. Scandinavian Simplicity

Beauty of vivid blue skies and white terrace deck are best enjoyed under a wide canopy that keeps out direct sunlight. Built in Scandinavian style with latticed wall the elegant rooftop terrace has glass wall on outer parapet that is surrounded by bed of colorful flowers.

6. Rustic charm

Rugged wall with rock chips keeps the pretty roof terrace here free from curious eyes of neighbours. Cheerful wooden deck here is served by rustic table made out of the bark of a tree and lightweight deck chairs comfortably placed at different corners of the deck.

7. Sheltered canopy

The attractive rooftop terrace here houses many delicate plants and the wide fold-able awning has been set up to protect them from direct sunlight during midday. Slightly raised deck protects the polished roof below from wide flower tubs set placed around the region that also provides a 180 degree view of treetops and houses around the terrace.

8. In the lap of nature

Surrounded by greenery the owners sought to build a home that is as close to nature as possible without any artificial grandeur. The simple terrace roof has a low brick wall and natural stone floor that keeps the interiors of the home below, cool in summer.

9. Elegant winter retreat

 In nations located close to the poles, summers are short periods of bliss and homes too are built to bask in sunlight whenever possible. This stylish terrace garden is perfect for these areas and built for relaxation and entertaining so has several chairs grouped around detachable umbrellas across the wide wooden deck.

10. Relax and enjoy

Space on a roof terrace is there to be enjoyed and if it is strong enough to bear the load you can build everything under the sky on it that suits your fancy. We have saved the best for the last and here you see an elegant and large rooftop terrace with a glass cabin powered by solar panels on the roof and fitted with refrigerator and other essential electrical gadgets.

If these roof terrace ideas have inspired you, then these stunning Indian terraces will make anyone envious enough to adopt them at the earliest.

Which of these rooftop terrace decor did you like the best? Do let us know your preferences in the comments below.

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