Do the Laundry Easier with these Design tips

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An average person spends more time in laundry room than in bathrooms. Still, when it comes to design, washrooms are given more preference than the laundry rooms.

But, thanks to the rising awareness, homeowners are now concentrating on recreating laundry rooms. With the addition of custom built cabinets, washers, and dryers all at one place, this utility room is serving up to the purpose. So, if you want to minimize the hassle, here are some architecture examples for recreating the laundry space.

​Modern Placement

Without consuming much space, this laundry room serves the entire purpose. The under mount sink, wash stations, and the sleek closet lets you do the job without any chaos. This kind of laundry room is perfect for a big and growing family.

​Vibrant and Spacious

An elegant built-in laundry room with open as well as close cabinets. Space in there is enough for you to complete all the picking, drying, and folding.

The palette itself is so charming that you won’t get bored at all. The wash station is placed beneath the closet, utilizing the area perfectly. And of course, there is the big window which lets natural light in.

Country Style

A traditional laundry room with huge sinks and cabinets. There lie the laundry baskets in different closets to make the picking easier.

Pick it, wash it, dry it, and press it in one go. While you stay engaged in this weekend job, you can also enjoy the outdoor views. The wooden textures of the closets give a contrasting match to the wall hues.

Colorful Blend

7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



A perfect blend of vibrant colors. The combination of white and red will not let you feel low while doing the laundry.

Nicely decorated with wall painting and hangers, this laundry space is just perfect to do the cleaning. Hang the clothes separately and wash it down in the sink there. There is enough room to place the wash stations too.

Balcony Space

Belgravia - Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace Meltons Classic style balcony, veranda & terrace

Belgravia—Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace


What to do with the extra space on the balcony? Why not turn it into a laundry space? While you do the laundry, you can also keep an eye on your kids playing outdoors. This dedicated laundry can be established in a small space also. The up-down setting of the closet and washing devices makes the setting more practical.

All in one place

An ideal laundry room, if you have enough space. There is enough room for anything and everything in there. The open compartments improve utility while exposing the objects out. Below the closet lies the washing machine and the center of the room is taken by the ironing table. Add in some fun element like a music system to make your more job entertaining.

​Small Utility Room

Not to worry if you have small laundry space as it can be chic and stylish too. A well-textured room with a sleek closet fitted to the wall  is the perfect example of a small utility room. The iron stand lies facing towards the exteriors and that is what's so special about this laundry room.

Accurately placed

Bringing the best use of the vertical space, this laundry room is the perfect choice for urban settlement. There is enough storage space above the washer to accomplish your storage purpose.

Absolute Utility

Built, designed, and furnished with real elegance and sophistication, this laundry room is an example of ideal architecture. The ultra-modern gadgets placed in the order of requirement make the work easier. This is just perfect for a house with contemporary architecture.

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