18 beautiful and functional L-shaped kitchens designed for Indian homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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While some people might like parallel or U-shaped kitchen designs, the fact is, L-shaped kitchen layouts will always be a classic, and they will never go out of style.

Whether you like contemporary or vintage designs, L-shaped kitchens can incorporate all into one.

Here are some of the jaw dropping L-shaped kitchens to inspire you:

Incorporate more space

This kitchen is a part of a small 320 square feet studio apartment in Mumbai, and yet, the kitchen has been carefully incorporated in the living cum bed room. L-shaped layout only makes this space look bigger.

Industrial look

Another studio apartment but this one has more of an industrial feel, and the high ceilings certainly help creating that industrial aura.


This kitchen takes inspiration from the roaring 1960s, right from the pistachio green cabinets to the pale yellow walls. The hanging lamps complement the entire décor perfectly.

Utilize smaller space

Just because the kitchen has a smaller space, doesn’t mean an L-layout cannot be successfully pulled off and this kitchen clearly proves that. The special section for placing wines utilizes space perfectly.

Keep it contemporary

This kitchen pulls off a 10 on the contemporary scale with dark wood cabinets and white table top. The grey electronics look great against the kitchen tiles.

Go green

If your food is organic and green, then why shouldn’t your kitchen be too? The combination of green and tree wood, this kitchen makes you feel like you just stepped into the jungle.

Use the big area

If you are lucky enough to have a large area in your house, then don’t cut it down with walls around your kitchen. Instead, you can use an L-shaped design to keep the area more open.

Keep it cosy

If you like vintage designs more, and keeping your house space cosy, then pick an old school kitchen tile like this and just go with the flow.

Go black

People usually don’t go for black in interiors because it makes the rooms look smaller. But this combination of black and dark orange works in the best way possible.

Choose bright colours

Forget the usual wood colours for kitchen cabinets and platform tops, instead go with bright colours. Choose a matching rug to complement the décor.

Build more cabinets for storage

Cooking isn’t an issue with small kitchens, it’s the storage which becomes a big issue. This kitchen design solves that issue by introducing cabinets all over the room.

Go big

Bright red colours with a picture of Audrey Hepburn in the background, and this kitchen stills pulls it all off with perfection. The idea is to provide a balance with subtle colours.

Go for neutral shades

This kitchen had a lot of space, but since the owners needed enough storage too, the architects planned a complete storage at the back, and the front section in an L-shape.

Open space kitchen

Another great design for studio apartments, this kitchen extends into the living room and uses neutral shades. The perfect design for a bachelor pad.

Go British

This kitchen has a vintage British style design and it uses old white and off black colour for cabinets and walls. The gorgeous lamp and sink were reclaimed. Add some earthenware and you have got yourself a winner.

Dinning cum kitchen

Extend your kitchen to include the dining room, and you would never have to carry food outside. This kitchen took the unusual way and used dark grey cabinets.

Make living platforms

This kitchen is a part of a 425 square feet house which dissolves the notion of rooms, and makes living platforms instead.

Extend kitchen to your backyard

If you like setting a barbeque all-round the year, then why not have an open space right next to your kitchen like this one?

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Which one of these l-shaped kitchen designs is your favourite?

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