The Makeover of an Unbecoming Living Room

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Vibrant colours and solid furnishing do not always guarantee a visually appealing design scheme. And this was the problem plaguing the living room of this house in Itapetinga in Bahia, Brazil. With an overdose of green, bulky furniture and a dated layout, this abode called for a more temporary look and feel. So during the makeover, the architects from Cardoso Chouza Arquitetos managed to use a clean design scheme with vibrant and artistic touches that grows on you. Sophisticated colours, unique decorative accents and a smarter arrangement of furniture have gone into making the new living room a success. Take the tour to know more.

Before: Colour Chaos

The green hue on the walls was one that made the living room look dull rather than making it come alive. This is due to the fact that the beige couch was completely mismatched when placed against this colour. Both the dull shades together made the orange cushions seem out of place too.

After: Sharp Design with Warm Touches

The makeover ensured that every corner of this living space is well utilised. The design scheme now follows a warm tone that is also very sophisticated due to the white walls that create a neat canvas. Furthermore, the trellis for the lamps suspended from the ceiling renders a casual and wholesome look that also brings out the beauty of the brown touches. The couches and the cushions are a mellow play of subtle and vibrant, with the panel reserved for the entertainment unit balancing out the entire theme.

Before: Overwhelming Accents

The bulky wooden cabinet here made quite a chaotic statement when combined with the clutter of the mismatched colours in this room. The furniture did not follow any particular layout and seemed to be strewn around and placed against the walls without any proper design vision.

After: Smart Layout

The layout now follows a proper plan of action where the couches and the entertainment unit are placed in a way that makes the room seem larger. The rug and the cushions also create a fitting statement against the beige ottoman and couch while the glass doors and billowing drapes allow infiltration of maximum light. The abstract artwork and the floral upholstery of the chic chairs add glamour to this area. 

After: Sleek Entertainment

Sleek white cabinets both above and below the entertainment unit, glow under the modish lighting, while a golden panel houses the TV stylishly. A couple of golden and quirky vases add pizzazz to the slim wooden countertop here, as the olive and brown wall behind dignifies the chic living room.

After: A Stone Courtyard of Calm

A beautifully carved stone lattice wall on one side and rustic stone walls on the other sides, bring out the serenity and Zen-like calm of this courtyard attached to the living room. The pebbled floor and lush greenery come together for a refreshing and visually enticing impact too.

Contemporary designs, sleek accents and fashionable furnishing dramatically changed the atmosphere of this once shoddy living room. Here’s another makeover story to inspire you further - The Brilliant Renovation of a Tiny Apartment.

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