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15 beautiful courtyards that you must see

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Courtyards have been an essential component of Indian architecture for centuries. Traditionally, they were a part of most joint family homes as they provided a central and private space for family activities. Architecturally, they are an effective means of bringing in natural light and ventilation to the rooms on the ground floor.

To this day, they are a charming addition to many an Indian house. If you are looking for a courtyard design for your dream home, we’ve put together this ideabook to present 15 of the best options that we have come across. Enjoy!

​1. Classic Terrace

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design homify Classic style garden

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design


With paved stone that it is easy to maintain and a trellis running along the fence, this is a classic design that presents the family a space to relax in the midst of a flower garden. The stone fountain with the gargoyle spouting water from the wall adds a soothing element.

2. ​Oriental Charm

This internal courtyard in New Delhi rests over a sunken pebble bed covered by a glass top. The use of wooden flooring around the glass, a tall palm, silk blinds and the exquisitely carved door leading to the backyard give it an oriental feel.

3. ​Modern Beauty

With a floor aquarium covered with toughened glass, pebbles, a few potted plants and decorative niches spaced out over the double-ceiling height, this professionally designed internal courtyard has a minimalist look.

4. ​Asian Elegance

Courtyard homify Asian style balcony, veranda & terrace



Less is more as far as this courtyard is concerned. With its open to the sky layout decorated with earthen urns, a Frangipani tree and a rough stone wall, it’s simple, but classy.

5. ​Earthy Nature

Courtyard GDKdesigns Minimalist houses



A part of a home with Portuguese influenced architecture, this open courtyard has a relaxing feel that adds to its charm. The large courtyard has nothing more than a tall bamboo plant in the centre with the play of light and shadow through the leaves creating a natural feature that enhances its beauty.

​6. Glorious Garden

A courtyard with herb and vegetable gardens is the perfect element to a home with a sustainable design. It also presents the opportunity for the family to bond over gardening during the weekends.

​7. Geometric Connection

Wrapped by rooms on all sides, this central courtyard makes use of geometry to knit together the different spaces. The circle in the centre is filled with pebbles and has a rough textured stone in the middle. Natural plants add a refreshing element.

8. ​Stark Beauty

External Courtyard Facit Homes Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Facit Homes

External Courtyard

Facit Homes

The external courtyard of this lovely log cabin uses different textures and patterns with wood to create a unique look that is ultra-modern. The leafless tree at the centre adds to its stark beauty.

​9. Bollywood Inspired

This gorgeous open courtyard located in the centre of the house is larger than life, as though inspired by a Bollywood home. The sandstone cladding, lush vegetation and beautiful water features come together to present a grand look.

10. ​Contemporary Style

Contemporary Courtyard Nimble Interiors Classic style living room
Nimble Interiors

Contemporary Courtyard

Nimble Interiors

In the absence of an open-to-sky option, an internal courtyard can make clever use of lighting to provide a central structure that has an open feel with fixtures replicating natural light.

​11. Modern Terrace

Using wood instead of stone paving, and steel and moulded plastic furniture instead of wrought iron, this courtyard is a modern version of a typical classic design. The raised wooden planter beds add to its charm.

​12. Rustic Beauty

Set in a rustic home, this open-to-sky central courtyard uses natural materials such as stone tiles, brick walls and a few potted plants to make a cosy space where the family can gather for a cup of tea or conversation.

​13. Bare Minimum

When the courtyard is limited by space, instead of doing away with it, using the bare minimum accessories such as tall trees in planter boxes set on a wooden deck presents a refreshing space where one can step out for some tranquillity.

​14. Vast Expanse

A welcoming, secure courtyard Brilliant Lighting Modern houses
Brilliant Lighting

A welcoming, secure courtyard

Brilliant Lighting

When space is not a constraint, a large open courtyard that links the rooms along the length of the house is wonderful as it allows you to step outdoors from any room.

15. ​Under the Skylight

In this home, the courtyard is placed under a central skylight that floods the home with natural light. With lush greenery, it has the feel of the outdoors, but is protected from the natural elements.

Have you seen something that you like? For courtyard garden designs, visit this ideabook.

Which of these courtyards would you like in your home? Respond in the comments below.
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