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A house built in different stages

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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The house we are talking about today is situated on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The main reason for the family to get a house on the outskirts was because they wanted to be close to nature and have more open areas around.

The construction of the house was done in two phases which were spread across a few years. The first phase of the house was done when the family had a kid on the way. Since they were tight on budget and not sure about the exact timeline for the second phase the family was insistent that at the completion of the first phase, the house should not look unfinished.

The second phase of construction stated when the family had three kids. Just like they said, all the construction was carried out separately by the architects, without disturbing the family in any way.

All about warm lights and straight lines

When a family decides to move to a gated community to raise a family, it becomes pretty obvious that they want their children to grow up enjoying nature, and have plenty of open spaces to play around.

The house is situated in a rather quiet neighbourhood, and it has plenty of plants and trees around.

The design of the house involved straight lines and volume. The thick walls of the structure has been specifically plaster coated for waterproofing the façade and load-bearing hollow bricks have also been used. And since the product is elastic, any kinds of micro cracks can be easily avoided.

And of course, the warm lights effortlessly complement the straight lines.

Windows and Stonemasons

The idea even before the construction was to raise open spaces around the house. That is why, generous big gardens were given in the front and back of the house. The windows of the house complement the stonemasons, whether you look from the outside or inside.

In order to protect from the cold, exterior carpentry was chosen to be PVC double glazed.

The façade of the house

As I mentioned before, the façade has clear straight lines, and the structure still maintains a large volume. The rear end of the house has more windows, as compared to the front end. This was done to let more natural light in, and have more landscape views from most of the rooms.

An outdoor gallery

There is a big outdoor gallery at the rear end with enough space to sit out, hold dinner parties, and barbeque. This area is connected to the indoor living room, and it is further extended to the pool, providing the perfect space for holding outdoor parties.

Comfortable interiors

The lighting is natural with light colours to keep the environment cosy. To add to the cosiness, the floor is wood and the heating system also works through the radiant floor. The interiors impart a sense of tranquility and neatness.

Since the house was constructed for a growing family, the bedroom suite was incorporated with two full closets, to make sure the family never ran out of storage. The bedroom also has a separate bath and shower.

Coming to the children, there were two bedrooms added for them with full bath and a play room.

The perfect fireplace

To add to the warmth and cosiness of the interior, a fireplace was added to the living room.

Ceiling to floor windows

This is also a part of the living room, the ceiling to floor glass windows do not just provide a great view but they also make a comfortable corner to sit and enjoy.

The Full View

And this is how the house looks, as the night kicks in. The soft lights really add a great touch to the house.

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