20 gorgeous house from around the world

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A beautiful home is its owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy, but what makes a home special? Is it the view, the design or the ambiance? Take a look at these 20 professionally designed gorgeous homes that we have picked from across the world to help you to decide what you would like to incorporate in your dream home.

​1.Futuristic Wooden Cabin

In the woods in Ukraine, this luxurious wooden cabin is the home of a family of five. The contemporary straight lines of the wooden exterior blend with the pine trees growing in the background to create a stunning effect. The spacious wooden patio with a built-in fireplace offers the perfect place to relax in the midst of nature.

2.The new luxury

Set in Berkshire Downs, this beautiful house redefines home design in the region by setting itself apart from traditional regal homes through its contemporary design that includes a windowed façade to maximize views of the lush countryside in the surroundings.

3.​A modern chalet with an industrial look

Think of chalets and The Alps spring to mind. This one in the Dutch countryside is different as it uses modern materials and the A-line structure that gives it an almost industrial look. Glass walls show off the lovely living room, which has eclectic touches, while the light toned wood of the wraparound porch gives it an Alpine feel.

4.​Fantastic family house

Located in Brazil, this gorgeous family home first catches one’s eye because of its striking two-storey façade and the trees surrounding it. The interiors are even more stunning with two large kitchens and a spacious patio for socializing, which includes a swimming pool, gym, sauna, as well as a separate kitchen.

​5.Modern cottage in the woods

This 1840 design home, which was a national monument in Germany, was renovated after a fire. The renovation included modern elements in the interior, while still retaining the charming rustic outer walls and straw roof – it’s a perfect retreat for the countryside!

6.​Floating Home

In Hamburg, this 215 square meter home spread over three levels presents panoramic views of the water and the surrounding port. The ground and first floor have a living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom, all of which have views. The highlight is the sun deck on the second floor.

7.​Rustic Stone Villa

The outskirts of a charming village called Gumusluk in Turkey is the location of this beautiful stone villa that blends open living with modern luxuries. Built on a hillside, the home offers panoramic views of the village, the surrounding hillside and the sea in the distance. The interior is modern, but includes local furniture and crafts.

8.Earthy Seaside Home

In the coastal city of Natal-Rn in Brazil, this quaint and rustic home uses natural elements and textures to present a cosy yet stunning house with breath-taking views of the sea. It uses natural material in the exterior and interior, presenting an eco-friendly abode that is perfect for relaxing by the seaside.

9.Stunning Starter Home

This lovely single family home in Germany is perfect testimony to the fact that a home doesn’t have to be large to be beautiful. It uses typical northern European architectural features such as the steep sloping tiled roof. In contrast, the interiors are modern. The large backyard with a swimming pool is the main attraction.

10.​Californian Beauty

The unique design of this home in Hollywood has the pool dividing the house into two. One of the sides is rectangular shaped while the other has curves at the side. With its glass façade, the luxurious home offers spectacular views of the city from every room.

11.​Tiered Excellence

In the crowded IT hub, Bangalore, this modern home uses multiple storeys to include lavish elements such as a swimming pool, outdoor seating areas and a garden. Surrounded by gorgeous greenery, the views from every level are soothing.

12.​Rustic Mediterranean Villa

This spacious home is spread over 200 square meters and has a large expanse of backyard, featuring a garden, lawn and swimming pool. The terrace is ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine or for hosting barbeque parties in summer.

13.​Monolithic Magnificence

With its striking monolithic white façade that is cut through by a wooden structure that adds a new dimension, this Brazilian home looks stunning from the street. The interiors are ultra-luxurious, while the front and back gardens as well as the swimming pool complete its magnificence.

​14.Colonial Style Country Home

This elegant home in Rio de Janeiro is typically colonial with its white façade, sloping tiled roof, manicured garden and swimming pool. The highlight is its veranda, which is perfect for enjoying the lush garden as well as the tall trees surrounding the house. Add to this the view of the sea, and it’s a dream home!

15.​Minimalist Modernity

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune Chaney Architects Minimalist houses
Chaney Architects

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune

Chaney Architects

In Pune’s Koregaon Park, this lovely family home is a minimalist marvel with its double-height white columns and floor-to-ceiling glass panes. The interiors too are ultra-modern with contemporary furniture and stylish accessories that complement the minimalist look.

16.​Medieval Manor with Modern Touches

Set in West Sussex in the UK, this medieval manor house oozes old world charm. The house has been stripped out and rebuilt using traditional materials that retain its ancient look. However, the interiors feature modern electronic systems for lighting and heating to suit the contemporary lifestyle.

17.​Suburban Classic

At first glance, this house has classic design with its straight lines and sloping roof. However, it uses modern elements such as solar roof panels, stone cladding and large glass panels to set itself apart. The interiors are sophisticated with a Scandinavian feel as it uses white, grey and light wood. The home is designed for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors.

18.​Wooden Wonder

The wooden façade in the midst of urban concrete makes this home in Seoul a stunner. The beautiful outdoor lighting casts a warm golden glow in the interiors. Its natural charm is enhanced by the courtyard garden with bare saplings and a koi pond.

19.Traditional Beauty




Set in Kerala, the exterior of this home follows the local traditional architectural style with sloping tiled roofs and white walls. However, the interiors are modern with warm wooden detailing in every room adding a charming ambiance.

20.​Stylish Futuristic Home

In the birthplace of Modernism, Barcelona, this ultra-modern prefabricated home has a futuristic look. The use of wood and the curved edges make a stunning visual impact. Built with eco-friendly material, it manages to include a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even a games room. The small lap pool adds to its desirability.

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