A humble home gets an amazing face-lift

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Ampliacion Nopalucan, Taller Esencia Taller Esencia Rustic style pool
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Today's tour features a simple yet cosy house, which is located in the municipality of Nopalucan, Mexico. The residence had several rooms and a huge yard, but unfortunately it was not very pretty. The crude material was displayed on the main facade, while the gray walls and the one miserable window facing the street made the whole building gloomy and dull. So the owners decided to revamp the residence with a more attractive and welcoming appearance. They also decided to expand and develop the design of the interior of the building, landscaping, and create exceptional views. The architects, Taller Esencia did an excellent job in meeting their client's needs as you will see soon. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this before and after tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at this amazing transformation shall we? 

The original facade

As we can see, the original facade shows no appeal. The wall with no plaster and paint left everything dull and lifeless. Only one element called attention amid all gray, a brown door, but still, it was hard to admire it. A makeover is urgently needed here.

Work in progress…

The renovation project was considered a great idea for the new residence, especially since it was going to be done without losing the architectural features of the Mexican region. Also, the rustic and modern style prevailed during the reform process. The designers opted for an orange colour because the colour palette fits perfectly with the lifestyle of the inhabitants: cheerful, versatile, and coordinated with the rest of the building.

In the background you can see that the pedestrian gate is just near the main entrance, and next to a series of doors and windows corresponding to the rooms of the building. A corridor becomes the lobby and a space to be shared, and although it seems very small and uninteresting, everything has gained new life and new freshness.

More windows

Shortly after entering through the gate, we can evaluate the terrain and its proportions: it is a great property, with a lot of potential for its residents and a large hallway. With the addition of two windows after each door, the property now finally receives sufficient natural light. 

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The yard

The length of the property allows for an interesting proposal in the landscape. This spacious yard could be used for a leisure-area where tenants can be invited to spend the evenings in an open outdoor space. It would be an ideal place for fun activities and relaxation, if only it looked more appealing. 

Proposal for the facade

This is the proposal for the facade. The style is rustic with stone details and wooden structures on the roofs. The diversity of materials used such as clay tiles and windows with wooden marquetry and simple black frames makes the building unique. An extension on the second floor also adds more space and value to the building. 

In this proposal, the facade of gray walls disappeared and instead, a lovely and inviting facade full of life and colour has emerged. 

Shared hallway

Wooden beams on the ceiling married with wooden window frames give both the doors and windows a new face, more beautiful and more formal in a gray and orange hue. The balcony on the second floor overlooks the courtyard through a corridor protected by an iron railing in black.

Lovely lawn

Remember the lifeless yard? Look at what happened to it now! Pictured here we can see the recreation area: a refreshing swimming pool with a Jacuzzi area where the water is renewed every second from the seven waterfalls that spring from the natural stone wall. The colours are perfectly integrated: stone on the orange tiles and ceramic in neutral colors. The clear flowing water helps in relaxing after a tiring day. In the background, a shaded terrace, which can be opened and closed, has great potential of becoming the ideal meeting and socializing area. 

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What do you like most about this before and after tour? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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