15 Gorgeous Hallways for Inspiration

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Let’s be honest, our home’s hallway can set the tone for the entire house. We pay so much attention to the décor of our living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, but we never remember to decorate hallways to complement all the other décor in the house. Not anymore.

Here are 15 gorgeous hallways to inspire you.

1. Keep it traditional

Give a royal welcome to every guest who walks through your door with a traditional hallway. Artefacts and yellow lighting has been added to give the entire hallway an old world feel. The traditional curved jharoka door is like a cherry on top.

2. Add minimalism

If you are a fan of minimalism, then you can take inspiration from this hallway and just keep things simple. While most of the hallway is white and grey, the green plants and black eclectic design makes the hallway stand out.

3. Add a big chandelier

If you are a fan a grandeur, then add a big chandelier as the main focal point of your hallway. This would be a great idea if you have a big hallway and you aren’t sure what to do with the extra space.

4. Give an artistic touch

If you find peace in artistic chaos, then you should definitely go for a stunning hallway like this. The simple wooden stairs provide the perfect contrast for the background.

5. Introduce a console table

Just because you have a small hallway, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to it. Add a console table which can work both as a storage option and it can also be used to place artefacts.

6. Play with light

If there isn’t much natural light coming in your hallway, then why not play with artificial light to give your hallway a complete makeover.

7. Add depth

Add an illusion of depth in your hallway by introducing beehive frames and mirrors behind them. This is a great idea for narrow hallways since mirrors make the hallway look bigger than they really are, and frames add depth.

8. Make it functional

Are you a complete bookworm? Put all your favourite books on display with this stunning hallway. All you need to incorporate a hallway like this are – huge bookcases, and lots of books.

9. Introduce an eclectic vibe

Are you an art fan? Then, why not put all out in your hallway to let every guest you entertain know how it’s done. From choosing the floor, to the centre piece and accent chairs – it’s all up to you.

10. Put your favourite paintings

If you are more of a painting person than a sculpture person, then choose a minimalistic hallway with all the focus on the paintings. Add lights over every painting to create more drama.

11. Give the hallway an old world vibe

Comfortable, cosy and relaxed—that’ the idea behind this hallway. The furniture, artefacts, and tiles have been aptly chosen to keep that old world vibe. The greenery around only adds to the fun.

12. Add a mirror for drama

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Hallway/ entrance


Another great décor option for narrow hallways, but instead of a big console table, you can introduce a big mirror, and keep a small table to place keys or your favourite photographs.

14. Have fun with optical illusion

Add a pop of colour to your hallway, by adding fun accent chairs, and optical illusions on the door. Keep the walls plain, because using an optical illusion on walls would be a little too much.

15. Introduce hanging bars

Keep your hallway sophisticated with wooden stairs and white hanging bars. The artefacts on these hanging bars can be anything you love to showcase.

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15. Take on the nature theme

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu Muraliarchitects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu


Bring nature to your own house with a wood infused hallway, and green plants. You can also use bonsai instead of big plants.

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Which of these gorgeous hallways is your favourite?

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