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Every home irrespective of its size has a kitchen that is used both for dishing up delectable meals and also as a place for bonding with family over titbits of food and conversation. Just as a comfortably decorated bedroom brings blissful sleep, a well laid out kitchen inspires tasty food experiments. While modular kitchens with built in cabinets and shelves are the new norm everywhere, custom built cooking areas with marble counters and designer backsplashes are also quite popular.

So whether you are building a new house and looking for suitable kitchen designs or are renovating your existing kitchen, this compilation of 20 kitchen layouts can give you inspiration for both.

1. Sunlight yellow kitchen

This stylish kitchen with sunshine yellow cabinets against black counter and backsplash, brings to mind pictures of fields of sunflowers and mustard. Though compact in size it contains all modern kitchen appliances that  you would need along with a trendy knife holder. Designed for the urban Indian who is not willing to compromise on style and comfort.

2. Stylish and sleek like you

A picture of grandeur and class, this inspiring kitchen design shows how effective use of space can make the minimalist of designs into an object of awe and inspiration. Combination of open glass and timber cabinets above and below the countertops ensure that every bit of space is effectively utilised. Classic black granite looks stunning against timber and adds to the glow in the kitchen that is due to sunlight streaming in through glass wall at far end.

3. Everyone's dream—The sparkling white kitchen

Sparkling creamy marble floor, stunning white laminated cabinets and island are the chief attention seekers
of this modern kitchen. Industry style lamps hanging from the glowing square niche in the ceiling keep the kitchen bright and illuminated in partnership with recessed lights on the edges of the ceiling.

4. Snug and warm

Warm mahogany cabinets and shiny yellow tiles on the back-splash make this snug kitchen a wonderfully warm region to mix together ingredients that will fill all family members' with love and togetherness. Curved niches in the wall above the cooking range brings in fresh air into this beautiful kitchen that lacks windows.

5. Chocolate beauty

There is something infinitely charming about a chocolate brown kitchen with shiny steel appliances and products. Sparkling marble counter and recessed lights below cabinets add brightness to the kitchen decor which would otherwise look dark and grim due to lack of natural light in the region.

6. Back to basics

The catch words small is beautiful is apt for this beautiful kitchen that does not allow lack of space to put a limit on essential features. Cooking stove has been smartly placed before the open window for easy diffusion of cooking fumes and saves space required to set up a chimney. Jute vegetable holders fit neatly into slots while open shelves with discreet units serve as smart storage solutions to keep all kitchenware out of sight.

7. Perky pops of color

This kitchen designed by Aum Architects perfectly blends together neutral tones with riotous shades to create a truely inspiring kitchen. Built in platform style with counters on both sides for maximum utilization of space, this designer kitchen has all modern kitchen appliances tucked into neat niches.

8. Enchanting backsplash murals

Mix of neutral tones with splashes of deep purple in the central region brings a touch of color into this almost white kitchen. Trendy kitchen island with fold-able stool below it provides a perfect work area while artistic floral murals on the back-splash ups the kitchen decor by several notches.

9. Modern creation of brick and wood

Heady combination of brick walls, open shelves and wooden cabinets here sets the trend for unique kitchen style that is neither country nor completely modern. Attractive drop down lamps above the counter add to rustic charm of this kitchen.

10. Kitchen with a delightful roof

This L shaped kitchen has been designed in simplest of styles to provide ample space to work and cook meals for a large family that believes in the saying of family that eats together, stays together. As the focus has been on minimal fuss and basic design the designers have limited their creativity to the designer ceiling with recessed lighting lending a beautiful glow.

11. Delightful combination of cream and rose

Dark lilac background and creamy white cabinets with black granite counter give this country style kitchen decor, the perfect combination of style and substance. Deep shelves within the kitchen island provide ample storage area for the family's wine collection.

12. Victorian styling

High ceiling with wooden beams and imposing deep brown cabinets with carved columns holding up few sections of marble counter give this inspiring kitchen a unique victorian touch. Wide windows on two sides keep this beautiful kitchen bathed in natural light throughout the day.

13. Minimalist splendor

Everything about this U shaped kitchen is large from the cabinets to the island and electrical appliances. Simple industrial style lights above the wide island that doubles up as a breakfast bar brings a touch of normalcy to this jaw dropping kitchen design.

14. Delightful rustic warmth

Colonial style furniture and sea green wall paper may belong to the countryside but the elegant combination
has been integrated into a beautiful kitchen exuding rustic warmth here along with an elaborate crystal chandelier.

15. Modern and trendy

Just as challenges bring out the best in every individual, lack of designing space too lead to creation
of unique kitchen styles that would not have been explored under normal circumstances. Shocking pink refrigerator may look outrageous under normal circumstances but here it brings color and enthusiasm to a partially white kitchen with light brown sandstone counter.

16. Open floor convenience

Lack of space in modern cities has pushed people to make maximum use of space available to meet their needs of cooking, relaxation and socialization through a popular design style called as open floor structure. In this latest kitchen design you can see for yourself how the space between living roof and kitchen has been turned into an open dining area sans walls and a kitchen built in platform style with counters on both sides.

17. Industrial red

A prominent tone like red here gives a stylish fillip to the modular kitchen decor that has a stylish design
with black counters open shelves along with spacious cabinets. Cabinets below the breakfast nook provide sufficient storage area while drop down lamp with exposed bulbs and cute swivel type kitchen stools add to the style.

18. Cute colonial kitchen

Kitchen decor with combination of brown and dominating whites is both charming and attractive as
it infuses the region with warmth and fun. The best feature of this lovely kitchen is the round breakfast table with yellow table cloth that looks adorable against warm orange cabinets and matching floor tiles.

19. Play of light and color

This latest kitchen design is both spacious and eye-catching with the unusual color combination of deep indigo for cabinets and refrigerator against white background. Sleek steel appliances built into the kitchen cabinets and wide counter ensures that has the kitchen is well equipped to handle all types of cuisine preparation.

20. Kitchen with a herb garden

A collection of inspiring kitchens is incomplete without collection of herbs growing in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. We bring you this beautiful kitchen with herbs growing out of tiny cups and bottles all around the sink and also on the window sill that keep the region fresh and free of harmful radicals. 

If you love these great examples of designer kitchens then we are sure you will love these steaming hot kitchens in bold and beautiful colors.

Did these kitchen designs gladden your heart and inspire your culinary skills. Do let us know in your comments below.

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