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Colourful stools for your home

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Stools, stools, stools! Can we hear it for stools? Is there a more simultaneously versatile, classy and fun addition to a domestic space? So many question, just once answer—yes. Stools are a fantastic addition to any home—an ideal inclusion to indoor lounge and outdoor entertainment areas, a fabulous talking point, and a practical space saver while giving maximum comfort and seating options. Fond of the art-conscious, loved by those hell-bent on functionality, there’s a stool out there for every style, inclination and need—from classic to contemporary, traditional to avant-garde, popular to abstract. Flick through the following great examples of fabulous interior stool inclusions, be inspired by the range and options available and pick yourself up a neat set of stools today!

Colourful casual dining stools

What better way to spice up your dining room than some colourful and interesting stools for your dining table! Forget chairs—stools bring an air of nonchalance and informality to the table—literally, turning your stuffy and fussy room into a usable and comfortable space. Think creatively and purchase several colours to truly get the dinner party started—you will find your guests sit up closer to the table, are more talkative, more sociable and the air of the party will become effortlessly easy-going, enjoyable and fun.

The patchwork quilt

Are you looking for something with edge, something retro that gives a nod to the past while still maintaining a little contemporary charisma? These patterned stools are just that: a patchwork of patterns and shapes that almost imitates a colourful retro quilt. The beauty of these little stools is in their practicality and multiple uses—buy several to sit around your table, or one pair and make them your bedside tables. Perhaps you need a coffee table but want the practicality of being able to stack and pack it away. With these stylish little gems, the only problem will be deciding how many you need!

Practical outdoor seating

As is the case with many outdoor terraces, there is little colour and the space can too easily become drab and uninviting. To counter this, inject some bright hues and add a little interest into your space with colourful square stools, such as these cube-esque designer seats. Super practical, and with multiple uses, these little stools lend themselves to more than just sitting around the table—they can be positioned into different arrangements, would look superb around a coffee table, and best yet, they bring some much needed colour into this rooftop terrace.

Abstract and fun

Do stools get any more fun and crazy than these? Unlikely! These modular leaf seats are designed by British company Nico, hand-covered in wool and immediately add interest to any space. A work of art, as well as a practical addition to your dwelling, consider the benefits of adding such a colourful set of leaf shaped seats into your space—firstly, they can be pushed together to create a larger resting place, and secondly, they are a showpiece, an item of usable art that will act as conversational piece. Find the colour that contrasts or coordinates perfectly with your colour scheme and start making a statement!

Classic colourful bar stools

Tried and tested, these Xavier Pauchard designed stools have been around since the 1930’s and are well and truly the epitome of timeless, well-contracted and thoughtful design. If you are looking for a stool that infuses class, style, panache and flair all in one piece of furniture then this is it—these bright barstools effortlessly compliment the eclectic and contemporary style of this dwelling. The warmth of the stone tiles, coupled with the raw brick feature wall, the contemporary kitchen and white décor, all harmonise seamlessly with the bright burst of red from the kitchen island.

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