8 Ideas for a spacious living room

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Are you short on ideas to design your large spacious living room? In that case, this ideabook is a perfect guide. 

The living room is the first area we encounter while entering any house. This area needs to have a deep visual impact to build an overall impression of the house and the personality of the family members as well. The Living room needs to be spacious and roomy as congested living rooms are an immediate let down. Let us take you through the most popular designs of spacious living rooms that impart a royal and captivating look to your house.


This living room is a visual delight. It has possibly all it takes to be a bright, positive and a happy place. Built amongst nature, this living room boasts of opulence and wealth. The artistic designs, rustic ceiling and sliding glass doors make this living room one of the best so far. It has modern and contemporary light fixtures that are totally different from the usual. The beautiful blend of red, blue and green makes this room a colorful palette. You surely can’t miss the stone worked flooring which merges perfectly well with the walls and the ceiling. Inbuilt LED lights are provided in the walls for that added glamour.

A serene room

This is a gorgeous living room built in South India. It has a subtle charm to it with the nude interiors and dim lighting. The delicate artifacts on the walls add glamor and charm to the room. The sofa set is in a dull golden hue that neutralizes in the dim lights, thus making it perfect for spending a cozy evening together with friends and family. A low lying center table and the pillars provide a bright contrast to the otherwise light interiors which further makes the room exude peace and calmness.

Burst of colors

This is a modern living room and can be afforded only by those who are not tightfisted with space. The elegant interiors and sudden pop of colors from each corner will make you live in this room all your life. It has a unique combination of blue, purple and golden yellow. The colors area enhanced by the addition of multicolored lighting which makes the room more spacious and vibrant. Both dull and colored sofa set is added to give this room a fuller effect. A lovely center table sits in the center which accentuates the step like feature of the floor.

Spacious, subtle and classy

RESIDENCIA 41BJ MM, r79 r79 Modern living room

Please hold your heart beat as this sassy interior will blow your mind away. This is a huge living room and seems to be projecting out from the frame. It sprawls over the entire area with seating arrangements being provided in every direction. This ultra spacious living room overlooks the garden and thus makes this a picture perfect zone. The beautiful contrast provided by bright cushions and chairs adds a sparkling effect.

Neutral shade

This is a very classic and traditional living room with entrance straight through the main door. This living area has a dining room combined for saving space, but overall gives a wide and huge appearance. The subtle interiors and the sofa set make the room look roomier and elongated. One can always look in for professional help as and when needed. S K Designs are professionals in interior designing and their projects boast of elegance and functionality.

Curved enclosures

This living room is an absolute treat to watch. It is enclosed in such beautiful exteriors that you will not want to leave this room ever. With wooden flooring and pillars this room provides a cabin like experience. It has very subtle and unique lighting entering through rustic styled windows. With a sliding glass door, you are always close to nature and can enjoy a beautiful time with friends and family.

The white magic

This is a beautiful living room overlooking the exteriors. Sprawling over the entire ground floor, this area comprises of the couch, center table and a cozy coffee table. The stairs from the ground floor to the first floor emerge out from one of the sides and provide a perfect wooden contrast to the subtle interiors. The pure white couch looks spic and span and attains brightness from the orange cushions and orange modern art paintings on the wall. This living room shows how a contrasting rug can big a lot of difference in the overall décor. 

Cool shades of gray

This room exudes positivity and warmth. The unique combination of different shades of gray with light yellow and pink makes this room look more spacious and elegant. This décor is in line with the dining table placed outside having a clear view through the glass doors. Beautiful and gracious flooring is an absolute eye catcher that adds unmatched brilliance to the room.

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