14 clever staircase designs for your small home

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玄燈舎, 傳寶慶子建築研究所 傳寶慶子建築研究所 Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Staircases are not simple utilitarian pieces of architecture. A glance of over some of the most stunning, sometimes bordering on extreme, stairways surely proves that. But today we are not going to speak of awe-inspiring grand staircases but the more slender and smaller ones suitable for small houses, loft spaces, duplex or triplex apartments. 

Their ingenious designs are bound to earn your praise and inspire you to introduce the same into your home…

Floating staircase

Floating staircases are very suitable for small homes, because it leaves ample space underneath to be used in various ways. Its design does not create any sort of clutter or occupy too much of a space. In many ways, it looks like a large art installation than a mere staircase.

Fanciful design for a tiny house

This unbelievably stylish staircase is built inside a small three storey house occupying a mere 43 square metre plot. The living quarters are spread over three floors and this staircase gives access to the second floor. Its wooden steps feel cheery and comfortable—just perfect for a young family.

Spiralling up to the loft space

The cunning design is perfectly suited to the interior of this small Italian loft apartment. Its style is in sync with the industrial décor of the interiors. LED lighting brightens up the steps. Its somewhat loose twist creates like a wavelike appearance in the middle of the open plan living room and dining area.

A fashionable stairway to the terrace

59RUT New house between dividing walls in the centre of Terrassa, Vallribera Arquitectes Vallribera Arquitectes Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
Vallribera Arquitectes

59RUT New house between dividing walls in the centre of Terrassa

Vallribera Arquitectes

The smart design of this fashionable staircase not only increases the glamour of the interior, but also saves space for this small home. Its slender and lightweight design is also well suited for the minimalist interior of this modern home.

Dual tone stairway

The duo tone staircase of this Japanese home has been designed keeping in mind the extensive seismic activities in the region. Besides, ensuring safety of the inhabitants of this small but stylish apartment, the stairway also embellishes the interiors with its presence.

Stairways—Dutch style

This Dutch stairway not only helps the owners to simply ascend or descend the steps, but also doubles up as shelves and a study table. Its tiny size does not seem to create any kind of impediment at all.

Wooden spiral

Spiral staircases are cherished architectural feature for many. The owners of this modern dwelling opted for this design out of sheer necessity. They needed a style suitable for a small space and they have got a very trendy stairway installed in their home.

Rosy steps

1m2 by EeStairs® - Space Saving Staircase, EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades Corridor, hallway & stairs Stairs
EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

1m2 by EeStairs®—Space Saving Staircase

EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

Colourful stairs are not something we get to see every day. This metallic stairway is not only steeped in a bright red shade, but is also an appropriate one for a tiny corner of a small home. Its metallic design is highly suited for contemporary or industrially decorated spaces.

Slim and trendy

Once again we see a slim staircase installed for accessing the loft area. Its wooden steps are in tune with the wood clad interiors. Metallic accents give it the required strength without consuming too much space.

Staircase as a piece of sculpture

Stairways have the capabilities of acting as a beautiful sculpture for your home. See how this milky white staircase beautifies the interior of a small Japanese abode. Exposed cement walls helps to make its presence felt in a more impactful way.

Stringer stairs

So far you have not got much of a chance to see some of the mono or duo stringer staircases. This one certainly has what you're looking for! See how it occupies only a minimum amount of space, which is very important for space-constrained homes.

Charming views

This is a charming view indeed. Both stylish interior design including the spiral staircase and natural beauty of the surrounding area are responsible. The house itself is not essentially a small one, but its staircase design fits any small home beautifully.

Unique style

This is one unique style for stairs, so much so it is difficult to call it a traditional stairway. Its unique design resembles a climbing wall. One certainly needs to be a sporty type to mount its steps. But it serves its purpose—for this small home anyway.

Cantilevered steps

Box shaped cantilevered steps are a fashionable addition for modern houses. This one seems to float in an extremely narrow space of a tiny house which boasts of a living area of only 43 square metres. 

Any of these clever designs would certainly be a fascinating feature of a modern home. Didn’t we tell you that stairs are more than a mere useful element of your interior?

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