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Undoubtedly, study rooms and offices have now become an integral part of our house and add to the overall decor in some way or the other. In fact, the trend is that more and more people are appreciating the concept of having a home office or library. With this ideabook, we discuss a few tips that can help you give a beautiful makeover to your study area so that your home looks well-organized and you can utilize this space for multiple purposes. 

Space saver

This study area is built beneath your staircase. This saves a lot of space and does not require you to build a separate study section. There is an ample elongated space to keep a bookshelf and a functional table with chairs. This is an efficient use of space that helps you organize all your electronics as per taste and requirement. 

Staircases can be utilized in numerous other ways. Here's an ideabook that specializes in spectacular staircase designs : Spectacular staircases

Stacked up!

Here is a study area that shows how less is more. This place has a rustic wooden table that can efficiently do all the functions of a modern high-end table. Along with it comes a wooden rack that does not have a trendy line of drawers, but open shelves to stack up your books and documents. You can make effective use of the shelves by placing in organizers, as per need. This place, is highly functional and makes a perfect study area.

The wooden wonders

This is a beautiful and modern study area that is made all in wood. It makes use of your basement and the cellar area, which usually goes wasted or unattended. Light up your cellar with beautiful wooden shelves and wooden stairs and see the magic yourself. By placing a sturdy wooden table and chairs, now you have a brand new study area ready for use. This place gets ample natural lighting and can have additional lamps for illumination.

Extremely uninterrupted

Talk of elegance and this study area comes to mind. It is an absolutely secluded and uninterrupted area of the house where you can enjoy a good read and can have personal meetings with your staff or colleagues.  This beautiful space built in white can organize all your documents and folders and give a very formal and classy look altogether. With a de-cluttered table and effective lighting, the room gives a relaxed aura.


This study room is specifically for those who have a space constraint. Just rearrange a corner of your room with a sleek bookshelf and a relaxing chair that helps you read your favorite novel with peace and no bother at all. You can glam up the area with use of bright and contrasting colors for that extra effect. A vivid lamp and wide glass windows help to capture enough light required for a nice read.

In the lap of nature

This study area overlooks nature and is truly a show stopper of this ideabook. The end-to end glass windows and subtle curtains on the side make you feel as if in the lap of nature. This area has a single bed that helps you read with much ease and comfort and a relaxing armchair that can even be placed outside for enjoying a lovely afternoon. A huge bookshelf can store all your books at an accessible distance. The opposite wall has glass shelves that are perfect for laying collectibles and artifacts to make the room look livelier and bright. This place blends in well with the natural wood hues and thus gives you a relaxing and serene environment.

Cover it with glass

It is a stylish study area and can be afforded only by those who can spare some extra space. The very classy furniture and glass windows make this place, absolutely stunning. The cabinets and the tables are made with the same wood for a uniform finish. All the chairs are heavily cushioned with beautiful fabrics that make you feel extra special. This place exudes luxury and class and can be a beautiful addition to your lavish abode. For such designs, you can always seek professional help from SA & V- Saaranha & Vasconcelos, Interior landscape designers in Portugal. 

Traditional style

Designed in light wood with subtle and simple interiors, this place has a very traditional yet elegant look. This place is highly organized with ‘everything in its place and a place for everything’ phrase holding true for all the elements. A relaxing chair along with a cozy table and tall bookshelf makes this space warm and cozy. You are still left with ample space to spread up a few chairs for a meeting or a town hall event.


This study area shows how the wise use of colors can brighten up your otherwise sad or gloomy study area. Just mix and match different colors that are in perfect contrast with each other and create a space with high functionality and elegance.

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