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Perfect Transformation of a Small House

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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When you have a small house then the reformation are not only focused on seeking to modernize the housing but also to take the best out of the space and work to reorganize the currently available space to get more out of it. Each inch counts and not even a single square meter is worth waiting. Here we have brought you yet another classical transformation that is dedicated to small sized home who want to be upbeat, little dated and really constructive! Have a glance how the designer has done it! Get step by step view here.

In Between: A hint of Modernity

The corner has been covered up with some walls, and a wide entrance is being planned to provide entry to a new room. We can see the curved wall under construction here. With much excitement, we waited to get a glimpse of the final result of this smart work!

Before: A shabby rooftop asking for renovation

Rooftops are crucial to make you safe from heat, rains and snow and a shabby rooftop is one of the main elements that reduces the overall value of your home. This home's rooftops were shabby and cracked, asking for some serious renovation to be done at first hand!

After: Curvy Elegance

Just with the help of little denting and painting, lots of hard work and smart ideas, the roof has been changed and transformed into a curvy elegant covering that looks extremely stylish. Just a few layers of painting and fillings and it will be a hit for enhancing the look of the home! 

Before: Cracked and Broken Walls

We have seen simple walls millions of time. While they look elegant in most of homes, sometimes, in order to look upbeat, it becomes necessary to add some new dimensions and angles that are not mentioned in the protocol list of the designs of homes. This broken, cracked and old wall and corner were a bit disappointment for any home.

Final Result: Rich Transformation

Who could have though that the end product will look something as majestic and gorgeous as this? No doubt, the designer has put plenty of thoughts and ideas, his best skills and designer touch here to transform and translate a very boring and shabby corner to something totally out of this world! It's royal, classy and rich!

Before: Compact Boring Bathroom

A regular sight in most of the bathrooms of small sized homes. bathtub, sink, and the seat cluttered together into a smaller space, snatching away all the freedom to move and walk while bathing or grooming ourselves! The not so attractive tiles and window further added a handful of embarassment to the area.

After: Updated Grandeur Bathroom

Here we have got a bumper package bathroom that looks renewed and reformed from every single angle. The curvy counter like the walls of exteriors, the Italian finish sanitary, the beautiful window with lights illuminating bath area and our hearts and not to forget the spa bathroom made up of glass. We would love to spend some time here. Steal the ideas like these hangers and vase for your own project. 

Before: Tacky Pavement

Returning to the past and observing this not so beautiful apartment room. The geometric design of the pavement is the only thing that attracts our eyes here, that too half heartedly! The design is very much outdated and gaudy to be carried forward.

After: A classic Bedroom

This is what we define as the rebirth of an area!  The old pavement eliminated and the wall colors, flooring, and the designs changed to cream tones. The room is now looking every bit of elegant and classy! The designer has opted for a very classic decor, but with modern features, such as bed without the headboard.

The Hallway

Another major area that was excellently done is the hallway cum living room which is the life of this house. The settings look to be one neatly. A green plant to enlighten space, the white flooring with matching walls and decor creating a sensational and big area effect and the un-ignorable rug which is complementary to the room shades. 

Cooking Area

An insight to one of the most used corners of the home. The kitchen appears to be very much authentic and light just like the rest of the house. No heavy cabinet designs, no additional pop and colors and decors on walls! Simplicity rocks the space like anything and this is what will keep this space up to date for a longer time.

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