7 Tips for small but beautiful bathrooms

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A small bathroom can still be a hugely beautiful space, if you know all the tips and tricks to maximise its potential. You don't need to be an interior designer to be able to access handy little home design hacks though, as we are here to let you in on all the secrets. If you have a small bathroom in your home that is in desperate need of an upgrade and a style injection, read on!

1. Opt for floating suite items.

By installing floating sinks and toilets in your bathroom, the perceived floor space will be far larger and they really help to prevent a cluttered, overly busy look too. Even your storage can float and one of our favourite additions is a floating sink plinth with built-in cupboards!

2. Keep your colour scheme bright and pale.

It's not secret that an all white room will always look bigger, but there is an added bonus to choosing this look for your bathroom too! While the space will feel far larger, it will also look cleaner and more hygienic too, which we all want for our wash spaces! That's a secret tip that designers might not want you to know!

3. Add some plants for a fresher feel.

Have you ever stopped to notice what a huge impact plants can have on a small space? They really lift the room and make it feel more organic and natural and with that comes a tendency for an area to feel far airer too. Choose some moisture loving plants for your bathroom and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a stunning aesthetic and vibe they create!

4. Trick the eye with large mirrors.

When it comes to creating a wealth of extra space that simply isn't there, nothing works quite as well as large mirrors. Effectively, you can trick your eyes into 'seeing' twice the area, so in a small bathroom, an entire wall of mirror glass would be a fabulous addition. Don't forget that you carry out your personal ablutions in there, so having something you can see yourself in would also be very handy!

5. Try your hand at minimalist styling.

The clue is in the name with minimalist interior design, so unless you need it to hand or can't live without it, throw everything away and just stick to the basics! By decluttering your small bathroom, surfaces will feel larger and more functional and if you really do need novelty bath soap, just pop it in a cupboard, out of sight!

6. Shiny materials will circulate the light more.

If your main aim is to make a small bathroom feel much bigger, then reach for the reflective materials! A great way to bounce natural and artificial light around an awkward space, shiny accents instantly increase the perceived area of even the tiniest of rooms! We recommend super bright light bulbs too, just to get the most from this tip!

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