A big family in a small home

Элегантная простота. , Ольга Макарова (Экодизайн) Ольга Макарова (Экодизайн) Eclectic style kitchen
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These days most people prefer to have smaller apartments which are completely furnished, so that they are easy to maintain by the owners. This residence designed by Russian architects is an absolute masterpiece. It is perfect for a small family as it lends enough personal space to one and all. It has everything from a bar or a canteen to separate rooms for each kid in the family. Let's take a feel of this wonderful abode. 

Living room

The huge glass sliding doors help you enter the living area which exudes peace and calmness. This place has a cozy sofa set on one side accompanied by two relaxing armchairs on the other side. The living room is not cluttered with furniture and the majority space is left vacant for making the place look more spacious. The unique combination of curtains gives the place a serene and tranquil effect.

Kitchen with high upper cabinets

The kitchen comes in a beautiful combination of green and gray. This cozy part of the house has all contemporary appliances and attachments needed for cooking a delectable meal. The dim and subtle lighting is guaranteed by the giant chandelier in the center. This place gets its contrast from the three orange lamps hung on one side of the counter. If more modular kitchen designs is what you are looking for, here's an ideabook you shouldn't miss : 8 modular kitchen designs for a small apartment

Corky flooring

The majority of the house has a cork flooring that gives a traditional yet modern look to the entire house. This flooring is strong and blends with all colors and patterns. In case you are looking for professional help, The Orange Lane are interior designers and decorators in Mumbai. They are internationally well-known and have enormous experience in designing various residential, corporate, restaurants and bars and even farm houses. 

Bar counter

The kitchen comes along with a bar counter on one side. This is a cozy and calm place to enjoy a drink or two. Also, the dim lighting and subtle hues make you surrender yourself to the effect of alcohol. The bar area actually lies in the corridor that leads to the bedroom on one side and the living room to the other. There is also a canteen besides the kitchen which looks like a small cozy dining area. This place has wooden flooring with very subtle and soothing interiors. The soft curtains keep the area illuminated and airy. This place is very homely and exudes warmth and togetherness.


The master bedroom will make you feel like living a dream. The beautiful combination of purple curtains with the white and purple flowery wallpaper is a treat to the eyes. Also blending in is the bed linen that gives such a relaxing tropical effect that you will actually sleep like a baby in these mesmerizing surroundings.

Kid’s bedroom

As evident from the blue color, this is the boy’s room. It has all manly stuff ranging from the jet planes to the majestic jet on the ceiling that can deceive you for an actual plane. The wallpaper is in perfect contrast to the other furniture which is majorly in wooden accents. The girl’s room on the other hand has a calmer look and feel. The same wallpaper is used as in the boy’s room but, there is no contrast given for lending a cool and soothing effect. The transparent sheen curtains allow dim light to enter the room for illumination. A cozy study table is provided in one corner while the bed takes all of the left over space.


Bathroom in this residence compliments the natural color of water. It has a unique aqua feel mainly attributed by the floor, the storage deck, ceiling and the tiles. It is a spacious area and the intricate lighting and stylish design will make you feel as if on an actual beach.

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