Guide to upholstered bedheads

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No bedroom is fit for a budding Queen or King without the grandeur and opulence of an upholstered bedhead. These boudoir accoutrements are without peer when it comes to true luxury and fancy. Whether modern, vintage or classically elegant, upholstered bedheads have a way of making your dreams all the more deep, your sleep all the more sound and the aesthetics of your bedroom all the more delicate and refined. After all, you’re worth it! We spend so much time in the bedroom dreaming away our nights that we ought to be doing it in style, no ifs or buts! 

But where to start? First, consider the style and vibe of your bedroom and how an upholstered bedhead might blend into the mix. Then, check out the following examples of stylish, timeless centrepiece bedheads, and load up with inspiration to transport your private chamber into the palace it deserves to be.

Tufted velvet

What could be more luxurious and elegant than an upholstered bedhead with fine linen and opulent styled bedroom? This design shows how tufted velvet can created a centrepiece for your bedroom and contribute to the overall splendour of the space. Neutral toned velvet is used and the buttoned upholstery works with scale to create smaller panels in a textured fabric that beautifully reflects the light. Coupled with mirrored furniture and delicately patterned wallpaper, this room is the embodiment of comfort and panache.

Attention grabbing fabric

Looking for something to highlight your rambunctious personality and flair? Choose an upholstered bedhead with dazzling or vivid fabric! This can be combined with a contrasting wall colour to create a space that bursts with individuality and invites you to feel buoyant and bubbly. Can’t find the bedhead of your dreams? Many companies offer custom upholstery services—simply pick your fabric and they will help create the bed of your dreams.

Tufted wall

Is a bedhead not enough? Consider a feature wall and a bedhead combined. A tufted wall, as shown in this example is an excellent way to revamp your existing room without needing to purchase new furniture. Using a ‘two birds, one stone’ approach, you can drastically change the appearance of your bedroom by upholstering the entire wall. The monochromatic colour scheme works tremendously well creating a space that is chic, sophisticated and fit for an upmarket fifth avenue apartment.

Upholstered walls

This gorgeous rustic room has combined the natural timber structure with entirely upholstered walls. To create a space that is warm and comfortable, the designer has used panels of padded upholstered fabric to contrast the raw timber in both the robe doors and ceiling. Added to this is a small and simple upholstered bedhead with delicate tufting. The softness of these elements and the understated up lighting ensures the space is as inviting as possible.

Wingback design

Classic elegance abounds in this bedhead that is modelled on the design of the wingback chair. The neutral tone of the fabric subtly distinguishes itself from the wall, and the sidepieces of the bedhead create a gentle taper from top to bottom, allowing the user a sense of protection and shelter. Lovely pastel tones are scattered throughout this space, from the side lamps to the throw cushions, truly making for an inviting bed to retreat into at night.

Modern square design

Are you looking for something that is understated and elegant, a bed that is contemporary yet timeless? This square headboard is upholstered in horizontal sections that are enhanced and distinguished by a contrasting black trim. Soft grey blue colours are present throughout this space—from the wall colour to the curtains, this hue inspires a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. For a final layer of luxury and indulgence, add a contrasting yellow footstool at the base of your bed with coordinating throw cushions.

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