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In the beginning the Lord said “Let there be Light”. But he forgot one thing, an important caveat; he might have added: “let there be luxurious lamps to go with it!” In the creative world of interior design, light makes all the difference to a given room and domestic space—be it the kitchen, lounge, dining room, bedroom or bathroom—maximising the way you disperse light can be a make or break difference that has a direct impact on the mood, tone and ambience of your interior areas. When it comes to artificial light, obviously choosing the right style, intensity and warmth of your light globes is an important consideration. But perhaps even more crucial is the way in which you affect that light afterwards—the way you shape, blend, direct or buffer it. Regardless of the bulb choice, light fittings and lampshades have the last say in the sort of light your room will enjoy. They give the finishing touches to light in your spaces, and direct the vibe and energy or your spaces—both in an aesthetic design capacity, and a light dispersal one.

Check out the following examples for a little light inspiration on how to spruce up your domestic spaces with unique, artistic and thoughtful selections of lampshade and light fitting

Mix it up: corner and ceiling cones

White, clean toned rooms, be it a lounge or bedroom setup, can benefit from sensible light placements. As this example expresses: don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. While it’s not the case that more light is always better, having multiple options, styles and placements can work in your favour. Here, a trio of black ceiling ‘droplet’ style down lights provide an unassuming, discreet yet charming addition to the room and, come night time, provides a lush blanket of top down, mid-hue radiance. And if that’s too much, keeping things on the down low in the corner sits an vintage-style industrial down light poised on tripod prongs—imagine the rich spill of light dripping from this fitting onto warm, polished floorboards, uniting with the ceiling lights, or working great stand alone. In a word: cosy.

The magic of threes

Magic comes in threes, they say—so too, optimal lounge room light! Well, that seems to be the case for this neat inspiration anyway. This spacious combined lounge and dining space lends itself well to multiple light options, each one adorned with a unique fitting. You can see the scene unfold: come mealtime, the cute four-seater dining table bathes in gentle down light, distributed by artful white paper shard chandelier; followed by after dinner drink sand cake around the coffee table and white lounge, tenderly lit by the neat metallic floor reading lamp with metallic cone shade; afterwards, guests have taken their rides home, a caress by the couch-side, the room simmering to a night time close with romantic, intimate lamp warmth snugly glowing from the retro glossy white down cone by the TV table. Multipurpose bliss.

The central eye

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to get the lighting just right. As the most intimate and personal of spaces, it’s crucial for pinnacle relaxation and rejuvenation to bask in gentle, inoffensive light, conducive to lazing, dreaming and sailing away on the words of your latest novel. One problem that most bedrooms face is the careless installation of ceiling lights—too often, these yield an unattractive, overly bright spill, where they should be friendlier on the eye and the mood. In this example, we see a stunning solution to the run-of-the-mill ceiling dump—a sprawling, svelte silver curve with a ‘central eye’ showpiece globe-hold, enabling gorgeous bedroom light without being too dull to be able to find anything, nor too bright to make you not want to. Symmetrical side reading lamps make for a perfect alternative to take the vibe down a notch further.

Urban lounge camouflage

When it comes to dark-toned spaces, it can be an artful effort to maintain a good sense of light without it being completely absorbed by the walls and ceiling. So too, delivering light that blends in with the setting. In this neat example, we see a classic, elegant thin two-shaft chopstick holder adorned with a shallow cylindrical halo shade, letting just enough light out to keep the room lit and mellow, without being too overbearing, or drawing too much attention to itself.

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