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Remember back to when you were a youngster—your bedroom was your castle, your playground, the place where all your wondrous dreams about the world began, where your imagination blossomed and bloomed, where you felt safe and protected from the wild world outside. When you think about it, the children’s bedroom is such an important space to get right—it’s where your kids will spend their most formative moments in their new life. Children are so sensitive to their surrounds, especially in the early years, so you ought to make sure your children’s bedroom and nursery are conducive to absolute comfort and the most pleasurable balance of design aesthetics available—somewhere tranquil, yet tasteful; safe and secure, yet highly perfunctory.

It can be done, and done well! Have a look at the next few examples for neat inspirations on how to make your children’s bedroom one of the most fabulous and inviting bedrooms around.


So there is a baby on the way! Time to begin decorating the nursery in time for the tiny arrival! But which colours? What is my baby’s gender? How do I keep the room tranquil and tasteful, yet still stimulating and enjoyable? All of these questions and more can arise when arranging the nursery for your little one, and the key is often to keep it modest and comfortable. In this example the space has been decorated in neutral tones of pastel lemon, peach and white, perfect for a boy or girl. This room has minimised the decorations and kept the design simple. White is a colour that evokes feelings of restfulness, peace and serenity; add to this a few simple ornaments such as pastel bunting, small cushions and the room is ready for any bub. Furthermore, the striped panelled walls add a soft and intimate element to the room and create a sense of cosiness.

Toddlers room

They’re growing up and no longer fit in their cot, it might be time to redecorate! As your tiny tot grows into more of a tiny person, they will inevitably acquire more toys and clothes, so storage is often something that now needs to be incorporated into your big bubs bedroom. In addition to this, they have probably graduated into a small bed as opposed to their cradle, and this means the room will need rearranging. What may have been suitable for your baby often does not cut it for your toddler; they can walk, are much more messier, get into everything and can wreak havoc with crayons and your clean crisp white walls. Consider a coated or stain-resistant wallpaper; built in storage cupboards and a child friendly colour scheme, dark greys coupled with reds, oranges, blues and rich

Young child’s room

As children grow, their personalities start to dictate their preferences, such as choice of colour and bedroom design. When decorating a room for a small child, consider bright walls, interesting furniture design and a great space to play and learn. Generally when a toddler matures into a child, their old room is no longer sufficient—as they start to spend more time playing on their own or with their friends, they will need a bedroom that encourages creativity and imagination. Think outside the box and invest in furniture that satisfies their individual imagination, such as this tree-house bed—it functions as a safe and comfortable sleeping space as well as a cubby or fort during playtime.

Child’s room

Does your child love one particular colour and are they insistent on redecorating? Rooms can often be given a new lease of life easily with a fresh coat of paint, some new wallpaper, fresh curtains or a bundle of colour-coordinated accessories. This is often a relatively inexpensive way to brighten your child’s room and give their space a neat overhaul. In this example, the colour scheme incorporates pinks, reds and antique whites to create a stylish and exciting space for your child.

Almost a tween

The time has come for a ‘big-person bedroom’—suddenly the rainbow garlands and soft teddies have been replaced with action figures, video games, and a desire for something a little more grown-up. Time to re-think your child’s room and incorporate some key features such as a small workspace for homework or craft, a larger bed, and perhaps more storage space in the form of bookshelves or space to display their toys. In this example, blue hues are seen throughout the room, and matched with clean shelving; the space is as stimulating as it is exciting.

Tween room

Finally: the older child’s room, the tween room—this is often be a difficult space to decorate, as your child is not quite a teenager, but desires something less juvenile yet still stimulating and lively. Moreover, you want to choose a themed bedroom with a style can be manipulated, altered and will mature with your child. Think bright colours such as red, white, black, blue and green, and interesting cushions covers that can be regularly rotated to give the space a fresh feeling. A desk at this age is extremely important if there isn’t already one, as it provides a space to study and learn with privacy.

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