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Gateway to nature with a humble house

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We all might have seen a stone home somewhere in movies or maybe our favorite cartoon series. They always have been amazing and beautiful to look at and we can't just imagine how it would feel like to live there. Today, we have brought you a detailed insight to one such farmhouse that will give you an idea of how it will be to walk through those stone made walls and wooden floor!

From outside, the farmhouse looks extremely charming with stone and wood structure catching your attention which then opens up to a space that is what can be best termed as a blend of modernity with traditionalism. Lovely beyond imaginations, every single element of this house has been carved out of natural elements and justifies its presence through its designs. Create a sense of drama, attraction and nature love through this style structures at your place. 

Let us take a tour right now!

The Facade

While the one side of the home appears to be like a cottage, the other side is rather modern and much more appealing. The glass railings standing out of the room provide a perfect gallery to the outside. The side stairs to walk down to the exit are wide, open and sturdy. We loved how the glass casing has been used on the ground floor as well. 

The Exteriors

The facade, simple, tranquil and historical- you will instantly fall in love with this farmhouse due to the surroundings and the simplicity this cottage has been designed with. Multiple windows, green grass, low rise ceilings are the star attraction of this cottage farmhouse. All these elements will provide air ciruclation and entry of light to the house. 

The Nature Delight

Entering the farmhouse, we can see a lot of nature bursting out of the walls. The stone structured walls with heavy thickness create an illusion of being carved in the historical times, like the old monuments we have in our country and the wooden flooring complements the rest of the theme as if it has been specially designed for this home. 

Neat Finishing

Though the house is made of rustic and wild feel, things are kept neat and well finished. This gorgeous living space is decorated with classic finish on the floor, array of stylish and comfortable furniture, wood material used as and wherever possible, a unique small bench and the magazine holding tray! For the casual effect, wide couches and lots of big windows have been opened up to welcome the sunlight inside. 

A cubist form for a contemporary edge! 

Sopha-sticated Passage

A passage that starts with a broad bookshelf smartly placed within the wall sides which further goes to a wide and very comfortable sofa. The colors of the environment have been kept minimal to make it look well lit. Small lightings have been introduced on the ceiling at uniform distance and the wall also displays a simple painting or artwork. The pillows are the single colorful element here that are lifting up the environemnt. 

Elegant Kitchen

Enter the kitchen and you will meet one of the most beautiful and appealing cooking area you have ever imagined in your lifetime. Exuding the modern style, the wood shelves, cabinets and floorings are a luxury to look and walk at and the traditionally styled utensils have been decorated to enhance the aesthetical beauty of this place. The designer has made the best use of elements within a single space. 

Dark Tones of Bathroom

The modern variation in the bathroom presents a unique blend of new tones and textures for this rather an Earthy and Natural looking home. The black countertop and stone made sink in round shape along with a round mirror on the stone wall look accommodating and indulging. Again, a window has been drawn in to let the light outshine this area.  The bathtub has been placed exactly opposite to the mirror and sink.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Another passage to the living room takes you through the walls and natural fiber made curtains and ends up looking at a mirror glass that is very much pretty, complete in itself and appears to be transported back from memorial times. It is a complementary addition that lifts up the feel of traditionality of the space. 


The upper level of the home looks light and open with high roofs and sleek designed grills. The white wall section helps to amplify the lighting and the timber ceiling, door and floor warm up this level. The sleek black metal grills on the stairway are adding a modern edge to the space

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Lofty Bedroom

The upper level of the house is simple, peaceful and can be perfect to host a few guests with this bedroom. The room has been framed within a long window line that appears beautiful and enticing at the same time. The two bed are placed side by side with matching tones and serve as a great place to lay and gaze upon the stars at the night. A corner lamp brings in s little contemporary feel here.

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