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Here's another stunning dream house for you today—you're welcome! The handiwork of WSM Architects, the house is an erstwhile honey farm (essentially beekeeping premises) from the 80s that's been abandoned for ages. Today, it has been converted into a residential house that radiates both comfort and luxury. The house is considerably spacious and incorporates traditional elements in a modern style giving it an undeniable charm. 

The best part of it all (depending on your preferences!) is the fact that this dreamy country house is set in the midst of a picturesque atmosphere, adjacent to the Lake Sternberg, Germany's fifth-largest freshwater lake (in terms of area occupied). Which is to say, this one's pretty much got it all. Let's take a look, shall we? 

A house for the books

The house impresses right from the outset, with its facade—a charming blend of classic country house features with a modern finish. The rustic elements fit right in with the natural surroundings. The spotless white plays off nicely against the warm wood seen on the roof truss. 

Seen here is the back portion of the house, the entry of which is given a smooth transition to the outside area through large glass sliding doors, and a lovely wooden deck. The backyard, although landscaped, doesn't look too manicured, a deliberate move to blend in better with the surroundings. 

Interplay of styles

Here, you can immediately see the impact of those sliding doors from the earlier picture. The interiors have been designed to be bright and airy with a modern touch. The architects opted to play with design styles, in order to adhere to the client brief of keeping it modern while retaining classic country house details. So—while the living room has Scandinavian furniture, the dining room is more in keeping with the country house style - the raw materials used for the furniture here have been kept earthy (read: wood). 

You can see how, much like the facade, the white ceilings and walls here play off against the warm wooden flooring, instantly making for a warm, friendly vibe. 

A spacious kitchen

An ultra-modern kitchen is an unusual sight in a country house, but that's exactly what you get here. The kitchen space is made all the more unusual though through its interplay between the stark stainless steel and the rustic wooden elements that make an appearance here and there. Once again, the industrial edge is made palatable through the use of warmer raw materials. 

Clean lines and sharp edges define this minimal yet strangely welcoming kitchen. If you're interested in mixing it up in the kitchen (design styles, not dinner!), get in touch with our experts

Blending it in

The 3 kitchens in this house are quite the sight to behold. For today's 360°, we have highlighted only one, but if you want to see the other two, check out the architect's page here

Warm raw materials once again take centerstage here, an effort by the architects to bring nature inside. The stone walls and His and Hers sink space recalls to mind a Hammam spa while the wooden floor infuses the space with warmth. Modern fixtures and plenty of glass give the bathroom a contemporary flair, making it truly one of a kind. 

Under the roof

And finally we come to the sublime attic space. Calling this an attic is stretching it a bit considering there's another full-blown kitchen here! You can see here how the roof truss gives the space an old-world charm, plus that view—whoa! Like the rest of this stunner of a house, white and wood make for ideal partners, bouncing light off of each other and generally just being really compatible. 

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