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6 Sofas that will blow your mind

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When discussing about a living room, the first thing that comes to mind is a sofa. They are commonly used in hallways, bedrooms or a library. A sofa is synonymous with comfort and relaxing times since there is nothing better than coming home and snugly unwind in a plush and cosy sofa. Here are some inspirations of armchairs and sofas that offer much comfort but also decorate a room.

Vintage seating

In this greatly imaginative design that contains many facets, there is recycling side to it and there is decorative motive to it. Both of them work marvellously well together. When searching for a vintage style to add to a home, this is a terrific option. This sofa will definitely become a conversation starter since, many people have never had the chance to say that they are sitting inside the hood of a car. Also, the facade of this car-sofa is quite nice and proves that an older look can help tremendously.

All-purpose chair

3D Designs ifsodoso Living roomSofas & armchairs

3D Designs


This incredible design by IFSODOSO has been created to encompass the most use in one piece of furniture. The alluring round design is a reminder of a mouse's wheel where the person sitting inside the wheel of this picture is exercising the wheels of his brain by reading a book. Also storage space has been made to store books, but it can also serve as storage for many other things. This is a modern take on a quite ingenious reading chair: everything has been thought of: the cushioning for comfort, the overhead lights, the storage space and the round shape that is in accord with a cosy reading position

Red retro chic

This ensemble of sofas will make wonders in anyone's home. The vivid red enlivens its surroundings as well as looking very enjoyable. These sofas have a retro chic flair to them as well as looking utterly stylish. The rounded off and curved shape of these sofas make an attractive living room set that will undoubtedly spruce up the environment they are in.

Plush comforter

Goldy armchair ArikBenSimhon Living roomSofas & armchairs

Goldy armchair


This image resembles that of a pillow with diamond motif sewing, simply put it looks oh so very comfortable. This armchair almost looks like it has been made out of a down jacket or even of a cloud! The silky white is a prime choice of color to match to everything: this chair will instantly match well with the rest of the furniture and decoration in the room.

A sofa with modernity

The stunning straight lines and angular shapes present in this picture is that of a sofa with much modernity and it is at the head of the vanguard of sofas and armchairs. This design is straightforward and of simplistic beauty. This picture shows that sometimes, less is more because it gives way to a calm and serene atmosphere. Nothing is bulky or overcrowded with these sofas. Also, the shape and inclination they are in confirm the intention of the designer to built something that will embrace the human body's natural sitting position.

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