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Many of us reading this are forced to live in overpopulated cities and dense urban areas although we would probably much rather live by the sea or up in the mountains. However, a beautiful home may be able to make up for not being able to live in a place surrounded with abundant natural beauty. Furthermore, you can take inspiration from natural beauty and use it at home to create a dwelling that makes you feel at peace, just as nature does. In today's tour we will explore a beautiful apartment inspired by rugged nature and rich with rustic appeal. The stylish apartment is designed by Atadan Muhendislik, architects based in Turkey. We hope you find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at this cosy home shall we? 

Velvety touch

Simple sophistication is easily achieved in this TV room with its velvety touch covering the sofas, rugs, and fabric blinds in shades of the same colour. The trendy tripod light, simple white coffee table, and soothing pendant lamps contribute to the cosy and stylish vibe of this space.

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Rustic dining table

The clean, contemporary look of this place welcomes an interruption to the design with its rustic dining table. The long, robust plank of wood that is the dining table, accompanied by sleek dark grey chairs which compliment the rugged brick wall and comfy sofas in the TV area. 

Bright blue accents

For those of us who love bright colours, creating brightly coloured accents in our homes may be the way to go. Pictured here we see bright blue accents peeking out from all white furnishings, walls, and floors, creating a pleasant surprise and an optimistic vibe. 

Dreamy bedroom

Sweet dreams are made of this—a comfy bed and a relaxed atmosphere. The dark accent wall combined with the twinkling lights on the faux ceiling brings the romance of sleeping under the stars to the comforts of home. Shades of grey and white unite with the richness of wood, while a lighted niche in the headboard acts as the ideal place for displaying decorations. 

Elongated hallway

The elongated hallway with creamy white hues and blue accents is a good sign of the aesthetic surprises waiting for us in the rest of the apartment.The lighting definitely enhances the delicate design of this hallway and shows signs of a beautiful home. 

Functional living room

The living room is the social heart of the home, and should be comfortable as well as functional. Pictured here we see sleek cabinets in glossy white and warm wooden hues making this living room a stylish yet functional space with plenty of storage. 

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