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When building a home, more often than not, a second floor will be part of the house and without a staircase, there cannot be a second floor. The idea and purpose of a staircase are quite simple and straightforward: to easily get from one floor to another. Then comes the designing part of the staircase which can result in amazing inspirations such as the ones presented here.

Floating staircase

Here is a modern and minimalist take on a staircase. The idea of a floating staircase has gained much popularity over time. It is indeed an airy and unconfined effect that this staircase has, it groups all the elements to be a graceful addition to this room. The reason for that is simple: instead of bulky materials that take up a lot of space, only floating steps are present which endow this room with fluidity.

Ever-flowing staircase

This picture shows a dining room with a stupendously innovative wooden staircase design. The final effect of this stunning piece is that of an ever-flowing waterfall and it proclaims the multifaceted proposes of wood in any kind of construction. The grandiose curves and the layered effect of this staircase are to this dinning room what a crown is to a king: majestic. 

Angular staircase

For any type of construction, a plan must be made ahead to build something that will stand the test of time and not fall apart after the first use. A lot of work must have been put into this staircase since its design is that of incongruence and prodigious angular strength. All angles have been planned to create a bewildering floating staircase. The thought behind this staircase is ingenious and avant-garde.

Book filled staircase

Here is an inventive and practical use for a staircase. When space is limited this kind of idea can go a long way in a home. It is also a great addition to a room with more space as well. Both options work well because the staircase also serves as storage or as a bookshelf as shown  in this picture. It is important to note that this staircase/bookcase helps organise and furnish a room. Also, since the entirety of this room is white with the exception of the wooden floor, the beautiful colours of the books stored in the staircase dash out a hint of colour into the room.

No post about staircases would be complete without the classic stone staircase. This original design by ISTUDIO Architecture is quite impressive because it is not solely a massive stone wall with stairs, it has definition and graceful curved arches that compliment fantastically the rest of the space. Also the mix of brick and stone as well as the water stream give an earthy and peaceful tone to this space.

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