5 House with Blueprints: Inspirational Architectures

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Using planes for the designing and construction of the homes is essential. homify brings you a list of 5 fantastic and jaw dropping construction plans that can give you an idea how the paper works and designs are related, integrated and implemented within a home. You will also learn how to design and distribute the spaces for your home or renovation projects.

1. The Plant Department

While the first drawing showcases a traditional apartment, a house plant; it also bring a living room along with a very much traditional cuisine area, three different bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a luxury dining space and living room. The results? Let’s check it out!

The Real Structure- Interiors Insight

We can see how this department is elongated and extended to till the bottom where a beautiful kitchen area is visible. The functional and comfortable dining area for conventional family sitting is also present.

2.Two Storey House with Great Ambiance

This amazing 2 storey house demanded extensive dedication and wise planning to get unique interior designs. You are invited to have a glance at the following images.

Flat Top Floor

While creating plans, an excellent tip is to illuminate the corresponding elements of each room and abroad. It provides an idea of the results what the actual and final construction will look like. We can then spatially plan the gaps, arrangement of furniture and accessories and general ordering of the house so that it allows you to freely walk, play with imagination and look entertaining as well. Don’t forget to notice the position of the table and piano in both the model as well as the real project.

A Detailed View to Design

The End Results

With the house build, we can clearly see how the table and the piano have been inline, just as we saw in the blueprint. Clearly, an indicator how crucial plane designs are for before and after execution.

Finished House Looks like this!

This brings you complete view to the interiors showing how the design transformed into final results through the right arrangement of furniture and overlooking patio.

3. A Complete Family Home

Again a home with 2 floors, the design here is more leaned towards the social space while the family rooms look focused on convenience.

Let us cross to see the final result!

And The Final Results are:

After the construction, the house appears to be something like this. Little bit morphed from the original design yet manages, arranged and synced in the best way to the ground condition. When it comes to designing home, is best to keep an open mind and flexible approach to making and incorporating changes for the better!

4. Well Distributed Small Apartments

The 87 square meter model that distinguishes the different sections of the home successfully with the colours. The space is separated by outdoor areas, social areas, parts and bathrooms. The orders on the blueprint allow a viewer to create a relationship and association with the space and helps to maintain a free flow circulation.

Let's see how it looks!

Here we are!

Following the idea embodied in the role, dining room, living room and kitchen are connected in a continuous social space without walls in between.

No Gaps Living Rooms

The seamless view of the three rooms within an area depicts how we can distribute the furniture and space within a few square meters. A perfect division for movement fluidity and family living. The living room overlooking the small balcony and outside appears good for day to day chores.

5. Reforming Small Apartment

Redesign department is an easy task for professional experts and architects. Here we can clearly see the big difference between the designed task as planned and the final deliverables. Clear and a legible plan is an essential key to having an understanding of space rather than creating confusion while changing.

It is easier to access the architecture design tools that allow you to view a plan in 3D and implement projects on screen before implementation.

An Uninterrupted Space

The new plan graciously shows how to do a favour to small space by eliminating the structures that are not needed, disruptive to the flow or make it look smaller. No walls to interrupt the views, a central kitchen space mixed with another room, a living area and more.

Beauty with Simplicity

A treat to your eyes, this simply decorated space look great just with the couch and an open kitchen gateway from the room. 

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