Mosaic wonders

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Mosaic tiling has been present in architectural designs throughout history. Nowadays mosaic tiling has been introduced into many more prodsuch as furniture and decorative pieces.The minute detailing gives way to mosaic wonders that will surely ornate any room. Here are a few examples of mosaic tiling integrated into decorative items.

Mosaic mirror

A round mirror has been framed with marvellously crafted mosaic tiling. The effervescent red, coal blue, jade green and yellow colours of this mirror can be assorted with many items present in a room therefor proving many options to harmonise with this mirror. It stands as a work of art that is just as inspiring as a painting. Also, the  delicate and dainty shape of this mirror is a sure hit for any home.

Rainbow tiling

Gekko Effect Glass Mosaic Tile The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles
The London Tile Co.

Gekko Effect Glass Mosaic Tile

The London Tile Co.

This image is a prime example of mosaic tiling that can be used for a plethora of surfaces, reminding ones of a rainbow. One can only imagine what a wall, a counter, a floor or the surface of a furniture piece might look like with this gecko effect glass mosaic tiling. These shimmery tiles with their metallic and multicoloured tones will vivify any room they are exhibited in. The circular motion in the mosaic tiles is endowed with fluid movement.

Mosaic table

Berthold Müller Mosaic Table, Diagonal Furniture Diagonal Furniture Dining roomTables
Diagonal Furniture

Berthold Müller Mosaic Table

Diagonal Furniture

This picture shows the top part of a table made with mosaic tiling. This appealing piece is a testament to the arts that mankind has created over time. The choice of different colour tones as well as different shapes of tiles give great dimension to this table. Also, the round shape of the table is a perfect way to enhance the mosaic wonder of this table.

Mosaic fun

This image is that of mosaic work done for a kindergarten. The amusing images of animals are perfectly coordinated with the atmosphere of a children filled room. Since the mosaic tiling has been placed inside an arched wall opening, it can serve as an inviting hiding spot for children to play in. This mosaic tiling is simple and playful as well as it's bringing a dash of colour to the room.

Multicoloured floor

In this picture, a colourful approach was taken by using multicoloured mosaic floor tiling that spices up this entire dining room. The designers have opted for the yellow present in the mosaic floor tiling as a tint choice for the dining chairs. This rooms breathes dynamism and is full of life because of the stupendous work done on this mosaic floor tiling.

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