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14 Spectacular ways to dapper the walls

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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If you believe that walls are made to hang the pictures and paintings then this ideabook might be an eye opener for you. Today, we dare to bring you a list of some authentic and glorious ways to decorate those boring plain walls of your home, that you are tired of staring at. These ideas are unique and a mix of contemporary and traditional style decor. No more need of displaying an old family painting, traditional images, and statues or sleek shelves. 

Believe us, you can do more with your walls. Learn the endless option and discover how these walls go beyond the paintings and wallpapers when it comes to adding life. Let's start our trip!

Traditional Niche

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


You might have seen rectangular and square shaped niche in walls but this one is a relief from them. Just look at the dome shaped niche impressions just above the rectangular one and the trio decorated with small sized decor show pieces. Add some slabs on the sides to complement and enhance the look.

Your Media Unit




Make your wall your TV cabinet without putting in much. Just keep the rest of the wall plain and well lit. For example, in this case, the rest of the wall is painted with earthy color and sleek line of lights is placed right above the widescreen LED. Speakers on the sides will take you to a true theater experience.

Display the Wall

A wall with such a giant sized artwork that looks like embedded into a clear plain wall is super awesome idea to drive all the eyes towards it. The artwork needs not to be exported from world class designer but a simple, thoughtful design will be enough to justify your demands. 

On the side of Room Divider

Display Panelling Navmiti Designs Modern walls & floors
Navmiti Designs

Display Panelling

Navmiti Designs

You don't need to own a grand space to get the walls niche in you home. Just look at this brilliant and very much surprising example where a small and thin wall hosts 5 different sized cavities to place and store small candles and lights that are matching to the adjacent golden gradient wall. 

Beyond the Bed

Usually, we all are used to pair our bedroom walls with simple paintings and art pieces. While it is a great idea to keep things simple, you can always do it other ways as well. For instance, this bedroom displays small 3D structures on the walls in the shape of flying birds on one side and the other side appears to be inverted candles hanging from the ceiling. 

Wall Decals

Children's Bed Room KREATIVE HOUSE Modern style bedroom Plywood Grey

Children's Bed Room


Wall decals have long been into existence but very few of us have an idea how to implement and apply them correctly in our homes. This one will give you an idea of how wall decals can be added to almost any corner of the room and how even most quirky and weird designs can work. 

Classic Lamps

the highlight wall in the living room Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

the highlight wall in the living room

Hasta architects

While we all are used to host bedside lamps and bulbs, it is never a bad idea to bring in a classy, fairy tale lamp and adore it on a simple sober wall to add life and fire to it. The entire room will appear lively and sophisticated merely with the presence of single lighting element. 

Pull it out

Modern house with classic touch Cubism Modern media room

Modern house with classic touch


While the impressed cavity designs within walls are a never fail idea, if your home doesn't have any scope for it then opt for this classical structure that can hold your books, CDs and other essential elements. It will also act as an attraction point for the corner of the wall. If you wish to learn more on corner decoration then this might help you.

In the Room Divider Itself!

Premium Residence Aayam Consultants Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Aayam Consultants

Premium Residence

Aayam Consultants

An airy room divider that provides you ample of spots for placing your desired decoration pieces within it. You also get your fair share of privacy as well as free communication and air flow. This room divider exactly shows what we are talking about. If you wish to learn how to create a room divider then have a look at this.

A Collage on the Wall

Ditch those boring paintings and sceneries and think of some new ideas. Why not display your's and family's entire journey from the start, through print images and carefully clipping them on wires over a wall? You cannot rule out the beauty and magnificence of this idea in the above image.

The Stairs Corner

Another interesting element and demo of this great wall decor piece placed at one of the most ignored and forgotten corners of the home. A forgotten corner of the staircase flourishes and shines just with a designer touch of wall decal. Even better to find somthing that illuminates in low light.

Small Little Window

A small see through window that runs from one room to another and creates a very strange but unique space to place decorative items like a vase, antique piece, sculptures etc.  Add dim lights to make it visible throughout the day and night.

An Art Closet

Entrance homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs



This might not have been seen or thought earlier but designs and impressions carved out of POP (Plaster of Paris and White cement) can definitely be the star of your house without much fuss. The best part is it will not cost much and work for homes of all sizes.

The Porch Area

While we have almost covered the entire house, why to leave the porch and interior courtyards out of this league? The above example is a great idea to learn how you can use small portrait and flower vase within the wall closet niche. You don't need any additional space to create attention seeking element.

Do you have anything interesting to add here? Please let us know!
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