This 800 square foot pre-fab house is (almost) perfect

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For some, perhaps the mention of a prefabricated home will conjure up the image of a Sears catalog featuring a selection of those ready-made prefabricated homes of the 1970s (these prefabricated homes were made very inexpensive by the fact that the company would often deliver in parts, and the homeowner would then set it up! Talk about do-it-yourself!). Whether or not you're a fan of the linoleum-sided prefab homes of the 70s, prefabricated homes are a popular choice for home-buyers who'd like to speed up the process of getting a roof over their heads. Planning a home, regardless of its size, is a lengthy process involving many steps from purchasing the lot to painting the interior walls. Using pre-made modules is a time- and cost-efficient way to build a home in a speedier fashion.

It's important to note that a reduction in the time and cost involved in building a home does not have to affect the beauty of the finished product! Designed by the architect team Casas Cube in Spain, this 800 square foot prefabricated home offers the efficiency of a modular construction, but that's not all—it also offers a stylish and modern living space that plays with a crisp geometric theme. Go behind the scenes of this prefab home to explore the intersection of efficiency and aesthetics—this lovely structure, although  built in a fraction of the time needed for a typical house construction, is a chic high-quality home.

COST (according to manufacturer Casas Cube): 59,900 € (C$ 85,283)

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A modular home is constructed by the careful alignment of prefabricated modules that arrive at their destination as separate pieces and are assembled onsite. Due to their construction process, prefabricated modules can be created with a great amount of precision, using automated processes and machine manufacturing to complete some of the construction tasks in the shelter of a warehouse. As you'll see in your tour, this example uses high-quality materials, resulting in a design that is energy-efficient, durable and solid.

Some modular homes attempt to look seamless—this modular home proudly boasts a funky juxtaposition of boxy pieces that allude to its prefab origins. This playful, geometric theme is found throughout the home, its surprising squares and repetition of rectangles making for a dynamic layout with plenty of interesting nooks and crannies.

The Setting

Not only can pre-made pieces be assembled in various arrangements to create flexibility in the home's layout, due to the ease of transportation, modular homes can be relocated to a new location with much less hassle than a home built onsite from the ground up. As you'll see in this picture and the next, the location chosen for this home is in a more rocky, hilly region (all the more reason to choose a prefab home—eliminate the concerns involved in trucking loads of materials up and down the gravelly hills).

The side of this home offers two large square windows (you'll be seeing squares again and again!) which are conveniently shaded by thick grey blinds—as Spaniards still cling tightly to the tradition of taking an afternoon siesta in the hottest part of the day, dark blinds that completely block out the sun are a must.  The mocha colour of the patio offers a crisp contrast to the steely grey stone finish, creating a stylish sectional look on the outside. But the benefits go deeper: this eco-friendly home enjoys excellent thermal and acoustic insulation in the form of fiberglass, mineral wool, polyethylene and an insulation mat stuffed between the exterior and interior faces. This layer of insulation is then finished off with three layers of water-resistant paint—the light, creamy color is a refreshing choice that balances the darker sections of the walls.

Living Room with a View

A well-lit living room takes advantage of floor-to-ceiling windows by arranging furniture to sit near the window, enjoying a lush, misty view of the hilly countryside. Square shapes abound in the sofa, coffee table, and pull-down blinds, keeping the theme consistent in a low-maintenance, ordered fashion appropriate for such a practical, efficient home. 

Roomy Kitchen

A box-shaped home does not necessarily have to feel boxed in! This kitchen offers a surprising amount of space, even though it's layout is fundamentally linear (notice how the fridge, sink, and stove are all found close together in a single straight line). By placing all of the appliances on one side of the room, the kitchen has been opened up to include ample space for a dining table—with a continued square theme in the sleek, no-fuss cabinetry, you can only imagine what table shape they'll opt for.

Simple Tastes

The bedroom offers a convenient, cozy place to rest—nothing out of the ordinary, but everything that's necessary for creating a calm, relaxing space. The bed (complete with rectangular geometries in its pillows and headboard) rests close to the windows, enjoying the opportunity for catching a fresh mountain breeze.

Living Room

Once again, the interior decorating style of this home is consistent and simple. A convenient TV table rests just under a sleek, space-saving flat screen, resting on a floor of rich wooden tones that add a softer, more luxurious feel to the angular surroundings.

In this humid region of Spain, its important to keep walls dry and free of mold; therefore, each room has received three coats of paint resistant to moisture. Homeowners on the rainy West Coast of Canada should also keep this in mind. Triple pane glass is used for the large windows, creating a well-insulated environment on the inside. 

Simplest Version of a Classic Bathroom

In this space-saving bathroom, we find furniture made from laminated MDF (medium-density fiberboard). These darker elements add a contrast to the pale, creamy backdrop and white porcelain appliances – an example of a classic bathroom color scheme, created with minimal elaboration.

This example of a modern modular home is just one of many! If you'd like to see more, have a look at this ideabook exploring a similar, geometrically inspired family home that offers low-maintenance living!

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