​11 easy peasy ways to make your bathroom look fancy

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Who doesn’t like expertly designed spaces? Whether it’s a kitchen or a living room, any space that exudes style, luxury, and all the right décor touches just has a unique pizzazz, irrespective of what the accompanying budget was. As they say: money can’t buy class.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to, for today we are dishing out tips on how to style up that bathroom of yours like nobody’s business – and without breaking the bank. 

So then, here’s what to do…

1. Add lush, white florals

Add a spa-like touch to your bathroom the quick and easy way: bring in some white flowers and place them in a beautifully glossy metallic pot. 

The added whiteness and polished look will definitely make a difference, especially once that natural/artificial light starts reflecting on that glossy surface.

2. Roll up those towels

Nothing against folding, but rolling a towel just makes for an exquisitely beautiful look that reminds us of five star hotels.

Thus, roll up those bathroom towels and arrange them in beautiful little stacks for displaying, as seen above.

3. Create a beauty tray

Guests love creative little touches that make them feel special, regardless of whether they visit The Ritz or your guest bathroom. 

So, treat them to a glamorous little tray stacked with a stunning perfume bottle, decorative glass jars (even if they just hold potpourri), some rolled up hand towels (see tip 2), and a beautiful candle. If you have leftover room, a slim vase with a singular flower can also add a colourful touch.

4. Treat yourself to some new textiles

The mistake that most of us make is having an entire horde of mismatched towels and bathroom textiles. All this does is add to visual messiness. 

Rather treat your bathroom to some new towels, bathmats, and other textiles in matching tones. Soft and subtle colours are always winners when it comes to creating a luxurious look.

5. Hide that clutter

Drawers and closed cupboards are great at hiding clutter, so be sure to invest in some decent bathroom storage compartments.

Need a bathroom designer? How about a painter or floorer? Our list of professionals can help you out…

6. Colour coordinate your look

Marble Vanity Unit Ligneous Designs BathroomStorage
Ligneous Designs

Marble Vanity Unit

Ligneous Designs

Whether it’s towels, candles, flowers or liquid handwash, make sure they all fit into the overall colour palette of your bathroom. Remember that soft neutrals are always successful. 

For example, if your bathroom has a creamy look, then the accessories can range in tones from off-white to light grey.

7. Soften the light with organic-style lightshades

Nobody wants to jump from fright when looking in a mirror, which means your bathroom needs to avoid harsh or unflattering lighting. 

Consider adding a large organic-style lampshade to soften those glows so that your bathroom (and the people in it) can enjoy a gentler ambience when gussying up in front of that mirror. 

Speaking of which, inspire your creativity by checking out these: Bathroom Mirrors.

8. Consider some strip lights

Strip lights are fabulous options when it comes to cost-effective and flexible touch ups. Attach them to the underside of open shelves or behind mirrors for a glowing, floating look.

Just ensure to hide them so that the light bounces around to create an even diffuse glow.

9. Add a white-painted, vintage chandelier

Few fixtures convey luxury as successful as a chandelier. So why not bring in some of that old style elegance into your bathroom?

An old, vintage chandelier sprayed crisp white can add quite the stunning touch alongside those new glamorous features.

10. Add a bamboo screen

If you want a spa-like bathroom, then a bamboo screen is a must. That soft texture adds an earthy and very natural feeling to any room, which actually works for any sort of natural material.

Just see how gorgeous the floating wooden shelves and natural stone wall in the lavish bathroom above fits in with the bamboo screen.

11. Don’t forget those stylish scents

Lastly, remember that your new upscale bathroom needs to engage with all the senses, meaning a gentle and attractive scent is quite vital. 

Diffusers are quite easy and low-maintenance when it comes to scenting up a space. And when placed in a gleaming pot as in our example above, they can even add a bit of glitz.

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