5 ways to use floor matresses at home

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Futons are actually traditionally Japanese, but have been adopted the world over because of their brilliant versatility and practicality. The word futon means mattress in Japanese. It is usually laid directly on the floor for sleeping, and rolled up and put away later so that the space can be used for something else. In the West, futons are sometimes used with frames to create chairs or beds. In this ideabook, we feature different ways of using futons at home, both with frames and without.  

Let's browse through these pictures and see how we can creatively use futons at home, and discuss some of the benefits of using them. 

Futon bed without frames

Just like the futon low-seater above, this futon bed uses a rolled up futon as a support, creating a soft padded headboard which makes it ideal to be leaned against the wall. 

Futons are great for children as you will never have to worry about kids falling off the bed while sleeping or bouncing up and down on the bed. Some parents have special bed rails attached to the bed to protect their children from falling off the bed, but the safest way is still a futon on the floor. Also since there are no sharp corners and hard frames, futons are an excellent way of child proofing the house. 

We hope you've been inspired by these ideas on how to use futons at home. 

Futon armchair

A futon is multi-functional. It can be used to create a comfy armchair like this, or be laid out on the floor as a mattress.The futon's versatility in accommodating to different needs has made it very popular worldwide. 

Futons are also extremely practical as they are lighter than regular beds, making them easier to move around and also rearrange the layout of a room.

These comfortable futons are available from Allnatura, an online shop based in Germany. 

Futon couch

A simple futon couch can be created by folding the futon in half and using a basic frame for the back support or simply leaning it against the wall with some throw cushions. This way the futon can serve as a couch during the day, and a bed during the night. The futon is the more traditional and cheaper version of the modern day sofa bed. It's a great space saver! 

One of the great things about futons is that they enable you to use a room for more than one reason since they save so much space. If you think about it, it's a shame to use the bedroom just for sleeping at night when it can be used as a yoga room, a play room, or a home office in the day. Futons can help you make the most out of space, and are an excellent idea for small apartments. 

Futon bed

Although traditionally, the futon would never be used with a headboard or a bed frame, it is an option which some people prefer. If you have a hard time getting off the floor, then supporting the futon with a bed frame or a headboard may be a good idea. However, the main idea behind the futon is actually that it's easy to roll up and put away, and that it is lighter than a regular bed and more hassle free when it comes to moving. A futon is designed to be minimalist. 

Browse through beds and headboards here on homify for more ideas. 

Futon low-seater

Create a futon low-seater with two futons easily by rolling one up and binding it with belts, while the other futon is folded into half and placed on the floor. This design doesn't use any headboards or frames, and is a great idea for homes that need two futons instead of one. If you have guests over, then you always have a spare mattress ready to unfold. Futons are a great way to save money and have comfort on a budget. 

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Which futon idea did you like best? Let us know in your comments below. 

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