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Ар деко с мужским лицом. , Ольга Макарова (Экодизайн) Ольга Макарова (Экодизайн) Classic style living room Black
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This residence, designed by a Russian architect exudes creativity and charm. Subtle hues, a serene entrance, elegant furnishings and lavish interiors render a surprise element to the whole residence. Built in absolute elegance, you can make out the real meaning of ‘living in luxury’ after taking a tour of this apartment. So, here we begin through the Hallway. 

Living room

The living room has a huge couch, stretching from one corner to the other. This couch is in pure contrast to the subtle ivory washed wall tiles and the white ceiling. A majestic chandelier is hung in the center of glowing the whole room. A beautiful TV cabinet is built in black adjoining the granite walls. A subtle rug adds a definite personality to the room. Mritika, the sculpture are artisans in West Bengal, India who work on all residence , corporate and heritage projects. They have done marvelous work in this field and their projects can be viewed by clicking on the link. 


The hallway is a subtle entrance through a wooden door and colorful floor tiles. The flooring is done with tiles having a diagonal pattern that makes the room look bigger and spacious. This hall extends to the glass door that has the key holder for arranging and organizing different keys in a kempt way. The beautifully designed fall ceiling and a stylish ottoman in the corner add glamor to the area. Also, the wooden borders and frames provide a bright contrast to the white brick wall.

Kitchen apron-tile Bardelli

The kitchen is the most beautiful place in the entire household. It comes in a beautiful combination of white and blue and gives you a very royal feeling. This place has a cozy dining table included in the kitchen space itself. The kitchen is primarily in white with blue counter top and curtains providing a subtle yet elegant contrast. You cannot fail to notice the bright and vibrant tiles on the walls that make the kitchen brighter and cooler.

The kitchen island

Beautifully and artistically designed glass patterns separate the kitchen from the living area. The transparent glass blends in well with the blue hues of the kitchen and thus give a feeling of unity. A sparkling white chandelier in the center totally steals the show with its unmatched radiance.


Needless to say, the bedroom defines royalty. The subtle wallpapers beaming in golden aura make you feel like a king. The grand furniture is placed with a minimalistic approach with only the bed and the dresser occupying most of the space. A white fur rug helps to keep your delicate feet off the ground while the combination of thick and sheen curtains allows dim light to brighten up the interiors.

Children with a maritime theme

The living room is built with a blue maritime theme that exudes joy and freshness. This area has all the elements in perfect sync with each other that they look like a single entity. Contrasting cushions on the couch and the rare lighting lamps in the center strike the perfect note together.


This is a place radiating brightness and life. The bright purple color makes the place livelier and agile. It is very different from the regular bathrooms that are kept subtle and in lighter tones. The unique contrast of purple and white along with the wise use of white and purple checkered tiles, makes this bathroom a sure shot hit. Looking for more artistic ideas to refurbish your home? Here's another architecture ideabook you must check out : A house full of colors- amazing!

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