19 ways to decorate your home walls (they will look fantastic!)

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Paintings, murals and wall textures are commonly used to decorate walls for adding beauty to a home’s interiors. Wall niches, although occasionally used, are not as common but with the right design and layout, they can have a stunning impact on the room’s ambiance. Take a look at these 13 wall niche designs that we have picked to see how well they can liven up almost any part of a home, including living rooms and bedrooms.

​Make a Grand Entrance

The entrance of a home needs to make a statement. Using stone-cladded niches with a spotlight in each section that highlights the texture creates a spectacular entranceway. It is an especially nice idea for narrow entrances that don’t have space for a foyer table or accessories that create a welcoming ambiance.

​Wall Display Art

Building niches into the walls, like in this professionally designed home, adds versatility to the interiors. They can be used to display books, accessories or flower arrangements to add interest to the living room.

​Minimalist Display

In a home with a minimalist theme, niches help to maintain the no-fuss modern look. Instead of using wall-to-wall built-in shelves, which makes the walls close in, niches keep the area looking airy and stylish.

​Room Dividers

For creating a visual separation between two areas in an open-plan room, using a niche is a smart idea for providing the partition without losing out on the openness of the room. Adding spotlights in the niches keeps the divider prominent even at night.

​Borders for the TV or fireplace

In a living room, niches on the walls on the sides of the television or the fireplace present elegant display shelves that can be used to add a personal touch to the home by placing photographs or antiques.

​Decorative Corner

For a corner going to waste near the stairwell or patio, a decorative niche with a spotlight on it can turn it into a work of art.

Floating Niches

A wall of the passageway with niches that float on it can display accessories that blend with the home’s décor theme. A contrast colour creates an eye-catching element. Decorated with colourful accessories and spotlights it draws eyes towards the niche.

​Enhancing the Décor Theme

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Cleverly designed niches in the walls can add to the theme of the home, like in this lovely home, where the combination of rectangular and triangular niches with curved walls presents the perfect spaces for displaying oriental artefacts that match the style of the room.

​Rounded Corner Niches

Thinking out of the box (or square) and building niches with irregular shapes with curved sides or rounded edges can help to add an artistic touch to the room.

​Display Window

A fixed window that looks out of place in your living or dining room can be transformed by designing it to look like a modern sculpture or art installation.

​Bedroom Storage and Display

In a small bedroom, where floor space is limited, niches along the walls can be used to store books or display photographs or accessories that add warmth to the room.

​Innovative Headboard

A niche above the bed can be covered using wallpaper to create a beautiful headboard that blends with the colour scheme of the room.

​Colourful Display

In a study or workspace, niches with bright-coloured background walls and spotlights create stunning visual elements that lend contrast to an otherwise dull colour scheme.

Cladded Corridor

A dull corridor can be brought to life using a wall with stone cladding and a trough of pebbles just below it to bring in a natural element that complements the wooden floor laminates in the home.

Decorative Ledge

Wasted wall space in the entrance hallway can be embedded with a wall niche to add a stylish element that enhances the beauty of the area. Placing a few artefacts and spotlights adds to the effect.

Beautifying Bath

In a bathroom, wall niches can help with much more than storage. Placing an elegant flower vase or a few well-chosen accessories can add sophistication to the ambiance.

Artistic Display

Large niches with spotlights can be used to border large paintings in the home to create an almost museum-like effect that oozes classiness.

Camouflaged Cupboard

Building cabinets or cupboards that are framed by a niche adds an interesting modern element that is functional as well as elegant.

Floor-to-Ceiling Display

Creating a shelf-style niche on a blank wall serves well for display and storage. It can be used to place a book collection or colourful accessories that brighten up the space.

Do you love the idea of niches? For innovative storage solutions visit this ideabook.

Which of these wall-niche ideas will you replicate in your home? Answer in the comments to let us know.

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