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Sure, it might seem arbitrary and unimportant, a piece of furniture that simply dwells in the background, plays its bit part in an uncontroversial way, serves its purpose and causes little effect in the general scheme. But never underestimate the importance of the humble lounge room coffee table. More than just a random piece of material to plant saucers, books, magazines and remote controls on top of, the coffee table can add tremendous value to the overall functionality and sense of harmony in a lounge and dining space, a way to punctuate the overall aesthetics of your nourishing relaxation and incubation spots. The coffee table ought to complement your coffee break experience—whether sitting solo, or with family and friends, enjoying a delicious hot roast, a pot of tea, contemplating ideas and thoughts, rejuvenating, relaxing and connecting. Your choice of coffee table can make all the difference.

Check out the following examples of nifty, outside-the-box coffee table examples for a little inspiration on how to spruce up your domestic spaces and generate the most well appointed conditions for the best possible home roasted brew.

Modular Russian-doll-inspired tuckaways

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Find it hard to settle on a single table? Why not opt for a number of smaller ones instead and spread the coffee love around? Here, we see an almost Russian-doll-inspired series of circular, rim-topped modular coffee tables. Coming in a set, these cute collections give the expression of variety, creativity, and roundedness, and are guaranteed to complement a thoughtful, elegant and above all cosy coffee break rejuvenation space. The best part is that in the event of requiring a little additional entertainment space for parties, gatherings and other get-togethers, these modular units become effortlessly stackable, to be tucked away in the corner or cupboard and re-added just as smoothly.

Floral Flourishes

Then there are times when nothing but a classic, solid-top unit will do, when your lounge and sitting area demands a real coffee table, robust and ever-ready to receive a high tea or pot of afternoon joe. Here, a floral burst is employed on the coffee table surface to match the design aesthetics of the room in general, where a vase of real flowers and lush fruit-bowl combine to create a room bursting with colour, radiance and vibrancy. Guaranteed to spark off delicate, wonderful conversation with your nearest and dearest, making you feel right at home sipping hot drinks and reading books—on those balmy, breezy summer afternoons as well as chilly, autumnal nights.

The Shipping basket

Sometimes a full-blown, space-taking coffee table might be considered a little too much, a little too domineering and lounge dominating. In this case, keep it minimal and think outside the box. Who says you need a coffee table for all those coffee table books and magazines? Corral them all in a nifty, wire netted, wood handled fisherman’s-style basket and plant it on the floor for a cute interior statement. Come time for tea, rest your saucers and fine china cups on a dainty wood slider, for that intimate personal touch—the perfect way to maximise elegance in small spaces without compromising too much room to get there.

A perfect pallet

Keen to keep a modern aesthetic edge while keeping as many placement options open as possible? Here’s your mark. Old is new again. These days, wooden container pallets are worth their weight in home design gold—versatile, robust, sleek and cool. In this example, we see a suitably re-purposed pallet, stripped back without losing its original shipping stamp rawness, given fresh domestic life by being fitted with cute side drawers (to tuck away all those books, remote controls, magazines and trinkets), and four sturdy wheels in order to give as many placement options as possible. Effortlessly adaptable, functional and handy, this coffee table makes a distinct statement and ultimately, will make your space breathe a sense of modern cool.

Petite and stripped back

When it comes to apartment and small-studio living, saving space is of the utmost priority. Clutter is never a good thing at the best of times, but this tenet goes double for floor plans that are considerably confined. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that much-cherished coffee table space to get there. As we see in this example, simply downsizing and keeping it all in proportion is the way to go. Here, a duel, Stockholm style, complementary egg-shaped combination works as a united coffee table team, complementing the cute, modern cosy studio apartment space.

On the Move

“But a huge wooden pallet is just too much of a space sacrifice,” we hear you saying. Fair point. Even in a spacious lounge and sitting area you may want to maintain that sense of airy openness—a space that breathes unimpeded (even if you do have the luxury of a large coffee table set up). This neat number shows how its done, taking its cue from the wooden pallet with sturdy, functional wheels for maximum placement options and versatility, affixed instead to a single gloss varnished, fully treated wood slice—just enough for cups and saucers, the odd book perhaps, effortlessly transported from chair to chair over tiles.

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