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7 easy and cheap ideas for renovating your kitchen

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Does your kitchen feel outdated, but you don’t have a large budget to redo it completely? Contrary to what you might think, renovating a kitchen can be cheap and fun. It just takes a few creative touches to add a new look to the room. We’ve picked 7 ideas that you can use to give your kitchen a mini makeover that leaves everyone spellbound.

​Add Borders

If your kitchen is well-maintained, and you are just looking for a change from the plain white or dull grey walls and cabinets, adding a multi-coloured laminate stripe as a border can provide a stunning feature that catches everyone’s attention. Matching accessories such as the orange clock in this kitchen help to bring cohesiveness.

​Cosmetic Change

The simplest way to improve the look of your kitchen is to give the cabinets a new face. It doesn’t have to involve ripping out the old cabinets and replacing them. Instead, changing the laminate on the outer door to a brighter shade or giving it a fresh coat of paint or polish can work wonders and make your kitchen look like it has undergone an expensive renovation.

Extension Counter

Kitchens run out of storage and counter space before you know it. For open kitchens, setting up a counter that also serves as a partition from the dining area is a clever way to build additional storage, like in this professionally designed kitchen, where the new counter accommodates the oven underneath and has a slide-out cane drawer at the bottom for storing vegetables.

​Background Alteration

If the stained walls of your kitchen make you think about renovating, a more economical option is to use a darker back splash tile that adds a new look to the kitchen and also brightens up the area. Painting the background in a bold or bright colour is another alternative for sprucing up the kitchen at a minimal cost.

​Upgrade the Refrigerator

For adding a more modern look to your kitchen, replacing your old double door refrigerator with a side-by-side one that has cool new features such as a built-in water cooler or ice maker on the door is another easy idea that your guests are sure to notice.

​Build an Island

Island counters add style and warmth to any kitchen. If your home doesn’t have one, getting an island counter that matches the décor of the rest of the kitchen is a perfect low-cost solution. It doesn’t have to be a fancy bar counter with two tiers and a built-in sink. A small island, like the one in this kitchen, with open shelves and an eat-in option with stools can add a charming touch that elevates the style of your kitchen.

​Lighting it Up

Replace your old kitchen lamps with newer versions such as recessed lighting on the false ceiling and elegant hanging lampshades to make the entire area look sophisticated and modern. In this gorgeous home, the wall mural is highlighted by the subtle lighting from the hanging lamps, which add a beautiful pattern on the wall and enhance the artistic ambiance of the area.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your kitchen look beautiful and new. For more tips on brightening up your kitchen, see this ideabook.

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