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Dressing up a single bedroom studio apartment can be both fun and tricky as owners make their best attempt to stamp their individuality on it with compact furniture and also try to pack all their worldly belongings. The trick lies in making small spaces appear large by cleverly placing furniture and other essentials in such a way that home does not appear crowded.

A charming food court

After a tiring day at work most people would look forward to a warm meal and restful conversation or just watch television. In a compact kitchen like this decorated with muted shades of light brown and grey it is a pleasure to cook with shelves and refrigerator within arm’s reach.   High stools close to the counter allow guests to have comfortable conversation with the cook and assist them to pass time while food is getting cooked.

Innovative storage and sleeping area

To create more space in the bedroom this minimalist box like storage room gives twin facility of storage and sleeping area. A compact unit with artistically cut shelves can turn the bedroom into an entertainment zone with space for every object like books, clothes, CD’s files and other knick knacks that a working person would need on a regular basis. The unit is wide enough for two people to sleep on the top and can be reached by a fun lightweight iron staircase on the side. A box like storage area with a door exists besides the stairs which can be used to keep clothes or others other knick knacks. 

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Foldable beds

Lack of space is the common refrain of single bedroom apartment owners and they often shy away from inviting guests for sleepovers. But not the proud owners of this smartly designed foldable bed that can be folded up to create space and then folded outwards to accommodate extra people comfortable. Made of lightweight aluminum and wood it can be fixed to a corner of the bedroom or main hall whichever is bigger.

Minimalist storage coffee tables

Most homes have coffee tables that work as multipurpose furniture to keep several things besides drinks and refreshments when guests arrive. But coffee tables doubling up as storage boxes? Few would have heard or seen this kind of modern tables that can turn into a stool for sitting or become a coffee table or even a side table beside the bed.

Unique seat

Unusual designs close to nature are the specialty of designer Valeria Ganina who has designed this chair that looks like a tailorbird’s nest and is one of a kind. Made entirely out of wood with a single pedestal like stand holding it up, the chair is light enough to be moved between living room and bedroom.

Comfy cosy settee

Living in a small apartment without a flatmate can sometimes become lonely but this cozy soft brown leather settee can take away all worries of the day. Arrange the comfy round cushions and tuck into a box of popcorn to watch a romantic or action movie in winter. Snuggle into its warmth with a blanket and read a book far into the night. Drag it forward or backward easily as it is fitted with wheels! The earthy blue rug before it is just right to rest tired feet on a cold day.

Ultra modern dressing table

Looking for something unusual for the bedroom that will bring on a smile every morning? This artistic dressing table is an ideal piece of modern design and is made for people that do not like to be termed into any slots. The mix of slim and wide box type drawers is perfect as the slim one can hold all regular use cosmetics while the larger one can hold inexpensive jewelry. In keeping with the design flow all the legs of table and stool are supported by three iron rods and the mirror embedded on the table too is supported by three slim iron rods.

Wicker baskets anyone?

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest The Cotswold Company Living roomStorage
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

Space saving furniture is the best way to increase the storage capacity of a small apartment. This open cupboard with small shelves can be fitted out with small wicker baskets that can fit into the shelves. These are large and airy and can be used to stock multitude of things like dirty laundry, clean laundry, socks, ties and belts and several other little things that most of us keep searching around the house and never find them.

From the time humans started living in caves and then in huts he has been collecting things from nature to make it suitable to his taste. Millions of years later the situation has not changed and today with several options available even the smallest of spaces can be designed to look special. If you need any more ideas on designing your small apartment then refer to another of our popular Idea-books.

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