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8 Ways to Create an Indoor Garden in the Stairwell

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The stairwell is no longer a purely functional element in the home thanks to the great designs and materials available to us today. Today's idea guide will demonstrate how stairwells can be utilised to create beautiful indoor gardens, and add aesthetic value to the home. The stairwell is an area that presents many opportunities for creating new environments at home. We can incorporate plants, water features, and natural elements such as stones, that will impart a sense of serenity and peace to the home.

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this idea guide. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at at these 8 ways to create an indoor garden in the stairwell shall we? 

Natural finesse

The floating staircase pictured here is lovely and almost decorative, though not the most appropriate if children or elderly people live at home. However, by saving space with the small staircase design, it freed up space for a beautiful indoor garden. Overall, this design is wrapped with the nobility and beauty offered by nature, with wood and vegetation combined with cheerful colourful notes and freshness. 

Indoor stone garden

Slightly raised and framed in wood, this indoor garden-bed is covered with white river stones, and in the center a delicate tree stands majestically. This installation is fused with a concrete staircase and a lighting system, making it much more attractive. A clean profile with glass railings adds a touch of modernity to the design, while the steps and slopes covered in wood impart warmth to the atmosphere. This low-maintenance indoor stone garden is designed by aaestudio. 

Incorporating a tree in the stairwell

Usually trees need very little water inside the house, and remain in perfect condition for many years. Problems arise when they are placed near a heater or have insufficient light. Some trees can reach great heights, so they will be spectacular if your space allows, as we see in this design. 

Mini garden under the stairs

For a rustic style with a subtle touch, this is the ideal choice. The stones give a look of strength and achieves an environment full of textures. The plants that are responsible for forming this small and beautiful garden are Fornios, a plant that remains green in any season. 

Water feature with plants in the stairwell

Pictured here we see an elegant interior garden design with a water feature that acts as a mirror to reflect the tree standing on a concrete island. A dark wooden bridge connects the spaces separated by water, and creates a beautiful landscape together with the island and the water feature. The design plays with glass railings and a wooden staircase for a natural, contemporary look. However, most of all it is the water feature that magnifies the central hub of this project. 

Artistic stairwell garden

This artistic stairwell garden design is compact, floating and ethereal. The compact design makes it ideal for small homes. Cold concrete walls are balanced with the warmth of wood covering the stairs. The space under the floating staircase is perfect for a minimalist garden, and definitely puts the icing on the cake for this chic home. 

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Tropical foliage at the foot of the stairs

Being in touch with nature tends to raise our sensitivity to appreciate the little details and beautiful things. It is no wonder that even a small patch of vegetation indoors can make a world of difference.  Pictured here we can see that an artistic sculpture has been added to the mini indoor garden at the foot of the stairs to bring more emphasis to this spot.

Spiral staircase with garden

A spiral staircase is always beautiful and enigmatic because it unveils secrets in every step. The spiral is related to the divine proportion found in nature and in the great works of art. The charm of this stairwell is greatly enhanced by the quaint garden, and how it merges with the ceiling of the room, creating a kind of monumental sculpture. 

We hope you've been inspired by this idea guide. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a classy home with pure beauty

Which stairwell garden design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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