7 quirky way to add life to your kitchen

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The plain old kitchen with pattern tiles is a thing of the yesteryear's Kitchen walls are some of the least decorated spaces. Simply because a lot of plain tiles or pattern tiles seem to fit in just fine. But, little did you know, you can experiment with your kitchen wall in all hues and patterns so as to light it up almost instantly. Spice up your kitchen with these ideas.

Geometric Prints

A play with patterns seems all too simple, but when executed, a modern minimalist kitchen is born. The black painted wall with intricate blue stripes creates a very interesting look, one that is definitely less exploited. The grey and white duo of the hexagonal tiles by the sink make for the complete twenty first century look.

Interior decorators and designers from Delhi, The Silversea, have some real cool ideas up their sleeves.

Au Naturale in the kitchen

Ceramic tiles lining the kitchen wall would be one of the most sought after looks, keeping in mind the simplicity and beauty. To add a touch of class to the kitchen, try out ceramic tiles with floral prints to really bring the kitchen to life. A classic take on blue and pink sounds rather ordinary, but the results speak for themselves.

Mosaic Motifs

Mosaic tiles add a hint of grace wherever they are placed. The motifs are simple yet unique, subtlety stealing the show. Wooden cabinets compliment the tiles very well. It would appear that the entire kitchen has the right balance of modern and rustic aesthetics.   The light at the center of the kitchen wall contributes greatly towards this look.

Eternity Designers from Faridabad, have the experience to step beyond the borders and delivery a beautiful interiors.

Naturally stone

A trip to prehistoric times would seem impossible, but with this kitchen, it’s re-lived every single day. The kitchen captures aspects of the former times with great detail. A lined arch shaped entry to the kitchen with brick patterns all over are pleasant to the eye. The lighting is provided by drums, which contribute greatly towards the look.

Contrasting hues

A dark green heavy oil pastel wall on one end, complemented beautifully by plain white cabinets. The colours come together, creating an aura of elegance that is impossible to get past. Brown wooden floors add to the duo of colours creating a trio of unmistakable charm.

Blackboard Pattern

Silly it might seem in one’s head to place a blackboard in the kitchen, but the resultant kitchen has genius written all over it. Different patterns can be created each day, adding a new look every single time. Colours and designs have no limits. To soar and explore would be the goal as you discover a new form to your kitchen each time.

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Belt of Beauty

A decorative belt running by the side of your kitchen wall adds colour and lights up the area. Floral prints in different colours line the kitchen walls and grip you with the colours they emanate. Wooden cabinets complement this look graciously.

Kitchen wall ideas to spice up the cook-house in the simplest of all ways. Break free from stereotypical kitchens with these simple ideas.

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