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The cottage-style house with majestic appeal

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AGRAFFE design Classic style houses
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From Victorian-era details to ornate tiling and the addition of a sauna upstairs, this elegant home in Kalingrade (designed by interior architects at Agraffe Design) offers a luxurious space with almost majestic appeal. Wandering through the palace-like interior and gazing at impressive chandeliers, classic combinations of black and white, and decadent textures of ruffles and lace, one cannot help but think that this home was built for a king (or queen!).

Charming Exterior

This tidy exterior offers a symmetrical array of windows on both stories of the home, topped with a Mansard roof which brings the viewer back to the famous Parisian Louvre museum in 1550, the first structure that was said to employ a Mansard roof. Not only is the deep purple an appealing contract to the creamy yellow, a roof design like this allows the interior architects to take full advantage of attic space, you'll see below a few of the luxurious additions they've been able to make using this extra space! 

Classic Kitchen

Smooth black cabinets make a bold statement against the bright white contrast of the ceiling and chandelier; a contrast which is given a subdued touch with the creamy, warm tones in the tiled floor. Lights under the cabinets provide illumination in an otherwise dark area of the room, while a dainty table and chairs sit opposite for dining by the kitchen window.

White on Gold

Who wouldn't feel tempted to flop down for a rest in this elegant bedroom? Sweeping curtains drape above the headboard, reminiscent of a four-poster bed. The pure white headboard offers an antique design, but with a splash of modernity in its matte white color. Eyes are carried through the room by this white-on-gold theme, touching on the fuzzy fur throw, the brightness of the gauzy white window, and the illuminated chandelier above.

Statement Lights

Rich, royal blues set a majestic tone, while ruffled edged add a hint of historical influence. In the corner, a mirror and shelf evoke the image of a dainty vanity. Perhaps the boldest statement in the room comes from the eye-catching ceiling lights, whose golden strands cascade in a spiral pattern towards the floor, framing the bed in a highly unexpected (and playful) way! 

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Dramatic Master Bathroom

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This bathroom is fit for a palace with its lacy black curtains and ornate tiled floor! Shiny, smooth details in the metallic shelving add an element of modernity, while a unique black chandelier balances the dark hue of the pitch black floor. Far from cramped, the open bathtub gives the bather a sense of spaciousness rarely found in a bathroom.

Darling Nursery

Childhood memories of the tale of Peter Pan abound in this light and playful nursery—one can almost imagine the playful figure of Pan prancing about the room in search of his shadow. An ornate antique chair sits next to an equally luxurious sofa framed by a gauzy canopy. Soft, pinkish hues present a gentle, childlike element, reinforced by the velvety smooth area rug and misty curtains.

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The Spa: Massage Chair

A private massage chair is the ultimate decadence! Although it's a bulkier piece of furniture, the soft edges combine well with the smooth curtains, and the wooden floor adds a warm, grounding element to the room. Symmetrically-place hanging lamps provide a sense of balance to calm the mind during a relaxing massage.

The Spa: Sauna

Here's where all the extra attic space comes in handy—these interior architects have made the addition of a spa. First, a session in the massage chair, then a visit to the well-lit, comfortable sauna, whose straight lines are softened by the curves in the bench and circular shapes in the center.

The Spa: Whirlpool

Finally, a trip to the whirlpool! Calming blue lights provide the ultimate sense of serenity in this luxurious nook.  This room is an excellent example of how even the smallest amount of space (with low ceilings, to boot!) can be transformed—with a little imagination—into an elegant experience.

The Fine Details

Downstairs, you can see how these designers have created a coat closet while keeping the space open and well-lit. The fine lines of the white coat rack don't obstruct the light, allowing the entryway to remain as open and inviting as possible. 


This central room downstairs draws eyes up and down with a chandelier that appears to reflect in the floor below. This dynamic design creates symmetry and balance as both the ceiling and the floor offer central elements of visual interest. 

Velvet on Warm Wood

Gazing through this cozy living room, you'll note the soft and rich textures of velvet, whose purple colour only adds to the royal feel of this room. With furniture that offers a more plush and grounded feel, the selection of a chandelier with finer lines works well to provide lift throughout the room. One notable detail is the large wall mirror in the back—this creates the illusion of additional space, permitting the large furniture to rest easily in an otherwise smaller living room space.

A Final Stop in the Dining Room

A lovely way to end the tour, this dining room is everything that a dining room should be: bright, airy, and friendly, offering ample space for guests to move about. Yellow tones in the wooden floor add a lively touch, as white columns on the right offer a divider between the living room and dining room space. Clean white hues are found throughout the room, creating a sense of purity and simplicity (for other white home ideas, see this ideabook featuring some stunning white home decor!) Perhaps most notable is the large array of windows, whose lacy dressings filter the sunshine for a soft, almost dreamlike feel. 

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