Farm Cottage Filled with Rustic Charm

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Set in the middle of the vast green fields in the Rio Grande region, this lovely farm dwelling is a picture of tranquillity. Besides the sweeping views of the greenery all around, the home encapsulates everything that one expects of a simple and tranquil life on a farm. The charming design by professional architect Renato Teles maximizes the interaction with the outdoors while simultaneously keeping the indoor spaces cosy.

Step into this lovely home with us to view everything that it offers.

Out of a Story Book

At first glance, it looks like the quintessential farm dwelling that one reads about in books. The large lawn surrounding the home, a shrub-bordered pathway leading to the main door and several mature trees, including a few coconut palms, paint the perfect image of a tranquil single-storey farm home far from the city. The sloping tiled roof, white pillars along the wraparound terrace and wooden shutters present a simple design.

​Cosy Living Area

The living room is unmistakably cosy with natural shades in the yellow stone flooring and wooden furniture and accessories infusing warmth into the room. The large upholstered sofas in off-white are paired with earthy brown cushions to provide relief. The look focuses more on comfort than style, but it still manages to carry through the rustic theme to perfection.

​A Bit of Modernity

Living on the farm doesn’t mean that one has to be cut off from the rest of the world. A wall-mounted television adds a modern element in a corner of the living room, with a wooden table with drawers acting as a rustic television cabinet.

​Outdoor Enjoyment

The main draw of this charming cottage is the large patio with upholstered sofas and cosy cushions that follow the same natural tones as the living room. Sitting under the terra cotta roof and gazing at the vast expanse of fields is by far the best part of living in this home. The big coffee table is the perfect resting place for a cup of tea or a drink, while the glass sliding doors that separate the living room can be opened out to create one large space for entertaining.

​Eclectic Bedroom

By itself, the modern upholstered bed in this room might deviate from the country theme. However, a gold artwork on the wall above the head post, carved lampshades and black-and-white printed curtains come together to present an eclectic style that goes well with country living. Layered curtains, including a sheer, present views of the lush outdoors.

​Cosy Passageways

The covered passageways, which envelop the home’s interiors, have cosy nooks created with rustic furniture and artefacts. Cane and bamboo seats and stools are thoughtfully placed along the passageway – the perfect spot to read a book or watch nature.

​Success lies in the Details

The home is designed to make the most of the country lifestyle, and fine attention to detail is given to every accessory and piece of furniture in this home by using natural materials such as wood, bamboo, stone and metal to present a synergistic look that embodies everything that one would expect from a rustic farm home. Look at this ideabook for another country home.

The cottage makes a perfect weekend retreat for leaving behind the stress of city life. Its tranquillity makes it suitable for meditating or just putting one’s feet up and resting. Some might even consider it an ideal retirement home. Whatever need it satisfies, it’s undeniably a happy place to live and enjoy the solitude or the company of close friends and family.

Which is your favourite design element in this rustic farm home? Reply in the comments below.

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