A Derelict House Gets a Remarkable Transformation

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The passage of time and neglect forgives nothing, including buildings. Leaving its mark, wear  and tear deteriorates and impoverishes aesthetically and functionally all types of finishes and stays, leaving only the memory of what once was. In this case, we find a house in ruins, a lovely house with great potential and was once a warm and cozy home. 

Rescued and restored by our architect experts, Giulia Pellegrino Studio di Progettazione, the house underwent changes in its internal distribution, respecting the heritage and the original lines of the house to blend with the rest of the neighborhood. Join on us on this tour so you will not miss a single detail of this wonderful transformation. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this before and after tour. 

Before: entrance in ruins

Our curiosity was piqued when confronted with this small entrance that leads into uncharted interiors. However, the derelict aspect of this facade scared away any pedestrian who crosses this path. Without peeling walls, exposed pipes and a door on the verge of falling apart, we can imagine getting the house to look livable again. 

There is no doubt that this building has a mysterious charm which distinguishes it from the other houses on the street. Even at its worst, its ruins rose with some style on the street. 

After: a gleaming entrance

Maintaining the integrity and style of the facade, it was renewed with subtle but significant changes. The new look of the house is simple and neat, using white for the facade, and rescuing the old balcony by reinforcing its structure and changing its railings. The doors were rescued and varnished again, giving life to the facade without abrupt changes.

Before: abandoned balcony

This space is part of the small balcony that looks out onto the facade. We note that in its golden years it was used as an outdoor terrace, but time and the elements have deteriorated the floor and walls, leaving it in a very bad condition.

Before and after: a terrace transformed

No, the house did not have a green roof. The vegetation gripped the roof covering, destroying its integrity and making it look old and run down. The walls were stained, chipped, and desperately needed some attention. After the remodeling, this space recovered completely by bailing the floor terrace, including restructuring the ceiling and sliding glass doors to maximize the entry of light.

Before: shabby staircase

Before the remodeling, the old staircase was sandwiched between two walls, making it look extremely narrow and crowded. Trying to reduce this feeling with the soothing lilac tone of the walls that had little results. The concrete steps, cold and shabby, were not exactly the best look for the interior of the housing. 

After: is this the same staircase?

Surprisingly yes, the  stairs are the same as we see in the picture above, only with a magical touch of good taste and efficient architecture. The new design got rid of the boxed ladder, removed one of its walls and a bright white color was used to maximize light and impart an airy feel. The stairs were coated with light wood, using point sources of light along the wall to illuminate the stairs at night. A total success!

Before: boring and lifeless

The staircase leads us to the ground floor, where we find a hall, dull and lifeless. The bathroom is connected to the main entrance. The floor tiles looked old shabby with its dull colour. Also, the fact that very little light penetrates this space doesn't help at all. Overall, the space looks drab and unseasoned. Let's see what happened to this space after the remodeling. 

After: renewed and refreshed

Now, the living room has been renewed and refreshed with a new floor, walls, and furnishings. This new area was designed to operate in a versatile manner, being a social area that can be converted into a guest room, complemented with a large white lacquered wardrobe that blends under the stairs.

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After: a welcoming kitchen

The heart of the house, the kitchen, was completely renovated resulting in a warm and welcoming space with its light wood tones combined with white Formica, the predominant color in the interior architecture of the home. Linearly, they thronged to the wall and all work areas and storage units, including stove, oven, refrigerator, storage cabinets, and a breakfast table. Finally, the detail protagonist in the kitchen is the beautiful dashboard made with hydraulic tiles and a touch of eclecticism, adding colour and pattern to the kitchen. 

After: a modern bathroom

Simple and modern are the best ways to describe this bathroom after the remodeling. The bathroom achieved a harmonious and coherent design using the same floor covering on its walls, and accompanying the room with white sanitary parts and a glass-enclosed shower room. 

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