​14 affordable ideas to make your kitchen sizzle with style

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Whether your interior spaces must be flaunting the latest trends or you’d rather they showcase something special and unique, we have something for everybody here on homify.

Today we bring you 14 hot ideas for your kitchen. Materials, appliances, colours, accessories – these tips include just about all of them and are sure to add that stylish pizzazz to put your culinary space above your friends’ and neighbours’.

Try one, or try a few – let’s see which ones hit the right notes for you!

1. A griller for your stove

If you are serious about your experimentation with culinary creativity, a grill on a gas stove is your ticket to five-star courses.

2. A ceramic stove

Want that “oh, wow” feature in your kitchen? Ceramic stoves are back in fashion, and with their sleek and stylish designs, one of these just might be that missing eye-catching element your kitchen needs.

3. Smaller appliances

Big appliances are a thing of the past – sleek and slim is the way to go if you want your kitchen to be at the forefront of the current trend.

4. The necessary features

Speaking of appliances, which of the must-haves do you have in your kitchen? A built-in grill, a pancake/waffle iron, sandwich maker and toaster, a mixer, blender, and food processor are all regarded as culinary essentials.

5. A striking sink

Don’t hide that sink in the back corner – display it loudly and proudly, with fancy faucets and a striking stainless steel surface to add a bit of modern shine to your kitchen layout.

6. A monochrome palette

Black and white are regarded as the king and queen of colour contrast. Thus, forget the warm reds and cool blues, and base your colour palette on a classic mixing of tones that will always be in style.

7. Functionality

Seeing as the kitchen is a work zone, feel free to add these to your must-have appliance list:  

- Countertop fryer 

- Stainless steel surface for cutting  

- A grill or retractable extractor fan.

8. Stainless steel

Whether it’s your fridge or your extractor fan, allow your appliances to add some stylish shine to your kitchen. That gleaming surface will fit in strikingly with any colour palette. 

Need a designer or painter? How about a tiler or lighting expert? Our list of professionals can help you out…

9. Additional work surfaces

Some extra work space is always welcome in a kitchen. Thus, treat yourself to a beautiful island or stylish peninsula that not only offers you some additional prepping space for those dishes, but also helps out with extra storage capacity.

10. Additional work surfaces part 2

No space (or budget) for an entire kitchen island? Opt for plan B: small yet effective surfaces that still allow you more prepping space in your not-so-spacious layout, as shown in our stylish example above.

11. Effective storage

A cluttered look can throw off your kitchen’s style completely. Thus, make sure you plan well in order to hide those utensils and accessories that don’t belong on a countertop. 

We’re more than happy to help… Check out these: 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

12. A stunning backsplash

Whether it’s stone, tile, or stick-on wall decals, a backsplash can add the necessary colour and character your kitchen needs. Just see how the additional pinks and lilacs make this modern kitchen seem inviting and very very sexy.

13. Some fresh greens

Plants and flowers aren’t limited to just the garden – see how beautifully they can spice up your kitchen style as soon as you bring in a potted beauty or two.

14. Luminous lighting fixtures

Seeing as the kitchen is a work zone, it is quite vital that it needs to be a well-lit space. But don’t opt for just any old table lamp or downligher; gather some stylish inspiration from our never-ending range of kitchen lighting options here on homify.

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