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10 Awesome Entrances for Your Indian Home

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Residence in Goregaon Eclectic style windows & doors by Design Kkarma (India) Eclectic
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While designing interiors, the role of a door is often underplayed. It seems like a detail not worth paying too much attention to as it doesn’t do much other than opening and closing to let people in or out. However, when you think about it, it’s the point of entry into your beautiful home and has the potential of creating a good first impression.

When guests ring the doorbell, in the seconds before you open it to let them in, how about giving them something stunning to look at? We’ve picked these 10 amazing doors to give you some inspiration.

1.​Two of a Kind

Nowadays, it’s rare to find double doors at the entrance of a home, even though there were standard features in almost every traditional Indian home of the yesteryears. This one stands out because of the intricate designs on each panel, which add texture and flair to the entrance way.

2.Camouflaged Mural

A wooden Mural Minimalist windows & doors by homify Minimalist

A wooden Mural


Imagine standing in the hallway outside an apartment and not knowing whether or not you are at the entrance?! This intriguing design has a beautiful handcrafted wooden mural within which the door of the same pattern is fixed. Thank god for the doorbell, or you wouldn’t know where to knock!

3.​Golden Teak

It’s difficult to decide which we like more – the shimmering gold sheen of the teakwood or the intricate carving on the surface. Either way, this door is stunning in a professionally-designed home that follows a traditional luxury theme in its interiors.

4.​Gorgeous Green

A splash of bright colour can add a cheery ambiance to any area. The lovely shade of green on this door blends with the potted plants in the corridor to create an inviting setting that guarantees to relax guests even before they step through the door.

5.​Patchwork in Wood

Main Door in CNC cutting design Asian style windows & doors by Shape Interiors Asian Plywood
Shape Interiors

Main Door in CNC cutting design

Shape Interiors

While it’s not unusual to see patchwork quilts in bedrooms, drawing inspiration from it to create a wooden door with CNC cutting designs that resemble patches is innovative.

​6.Sunset Sensation

Another double door on our list, the spectacular sunset inspired colours on this door make it hard to ignore. Using a metal bell in lieu of an electrical switch adds to its traditional charm.

​7.Rich Weave

door design Minimalist windows & doors by homify Minimalist

door design


Instead of a plain wooden surface, the use of a basket-weave pattern on the front door of this home makes it unusual. The glossy finish and the elegant brass handle complete the sophisticated look.

8.Textured Geometry

Bharat Bhanushali Modern windows & doors by PSQUAREDESIGNS Modern

Bharat Bhanushali


Take a plain wooden door and jazz it up with an opaque glass porthole as well as a curved design in a contrast laminate, and it turns into a work of modern art that draws a second glance from anyone.

9.​Peepholes Galore

Eight circular glass panes embedded into the surface of this door invite natural light into the interiors. Its unusual design presents lovely views into the home and allows the homeowner to peek out when the doorbell rings.

10.Band of Gold

Mr.nailesh shah bungalow Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by P & D Associates Modern
P & D Associates

Mr.nailesh shah bungalow

P & D Associates

Just as a piece of gold jewellery adds glitz to a woman’s evening gown the textured gold panel on this door adds glamour to this home, setting the tone for the sophistication that can be expected within.

See more designs for stunning doors in this ideabook.

Which of these doors do you like the best? Reply in the comments below.
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