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A Dilapidated Home Shines Again

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Modern living room by 3B Architecture Modern
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The French town of Nancy is home to many picturesque and ornate old world architectures, with palaces and churches offering oodles of visual delight. So when we came across Maison A02, an apartment which had undergone a stunning renovation, we were interested to explore how this was achieved. The old abode was derelict and lying in a neglected and shabby state, when the creative architects at 3B Architecture decided to lend it the boons of smart modernism. A lot of reconstruction and redesigning was carried out to come up with the contemporary and sleek avatar which is now a cosy home. With pops of vibrant colours here and there, and minimalistic accents, this apartment is a fashionable nest for progressive owners.

Before: Work in Progress

Construction started in full swing after it was decided to give the property a whole new look. The living area of the home looked like it would develop into something exciting with the staircase right behind it. However, in all the rubble and chaos, we were not able to picture the end result, or the way it would have shaped up in the minds of the architects.

After: A Neat and Unique Structure is here

The living space now flaunts a neat structure that has come up with a linear side and a curved corner, giving the illusion of an artistic art installation. Simple niches in a vibrant red hue line the tops while the staircase is neatly tucked behind it. The hardwood floor gives it all a warm glow while the window and skylight behind have been brought into sharp focus after the renovation.

After: The Final Trendy Living Space

The look of the new living space is one that speaks of subtle yet trendy designs. The colour block appeal of the structure you just saw before is now complemented by the comfy grey couch and bold patterned cushions. The soft lighting and sleek dark furniture create a versatile canvas that can be tweaked as per the mood and occasion.

Before: The Bare Kitchen

The kitchen was a bare space where there were piles of concrete and brick from the rundown quarters. Redesigning was conducted to bring in a fashionable modular kitchen home. But the empty hall looked like it could do with some designer love.

After: Elegant Changes

The walls of the old kitchen were freshly painted and smart, elegant tiles were used to line the floor. A part of the floor was left without tiles for laying wooden laminate. And the overall look is much neater and cleaner than before.

After: The Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen has now been designed along contemporary lines with a simple yet striking colour scheme that makes the space look larger. The round dining table is the right addition to the room because it makes the long space look easy to navigate, rather than cluttering it. There are adequate cabinets lining the walls of the kitchen which cater to storage and housing of appliances with equal panache.

After: A Zen Bedroom

The bedroom is now a simple space where the far wall accommodates an alcove with a grey wall – a theme running through the home where alcoves seem to create statements on their own. A similar space has been created on the other side for the gleaming white closets. The cosy wooden floor looks inviting and offers ample scope for trying out different decor styles.

Hope you enjoyed the innovative transformation of this French apartment as much as we did. Check out another makeover project for more inspiration - A Home Comes to Life.

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